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Zom-B – Darren Shan

“It was the darkest, most wretched hour of the night when the dead came back to life and spread like a plague of monstrous locusts through the village of Pallaskenry. The luckier victims were slaughtered in their sleep, their skulls ripped open, their brains devoured. The others suffered a far more terrible fate.”

When the Zombies attack Ireland, the UK is on high alert. B and her family don’t know how to take it, but Ireland is miles away from London, they should be safe right? B’s father is a handful, a drunken, racist bully and he is getting worse, often taking his anger out on the rest of the family. B also has the added worries of Zombie babies attacking during the night, with every bad thing seeming to pile up B doesn’t know what to do when the Zombies appear a bit to close to home. 

I love Darren Shan, have done since the Cirque de Freak series and I think I always will. When I first heard about Zom-B, his new YA zombie series I knew I had to get it and read it as soon as possible. I managed to get hold of a copy from the lovely Jenni and reading it in time for Halloween was a great idea. 
The story was really interesting, Zom-B isn’t just about the zombies, despite it’s name and I loved it because of that. Theres a huge thing with B’s father and the principal at the school and the ‘cleanliness’ of Britain. I think this might be something to do with the Zombie attacks in a way but it wasn’t covered in this book, I guess it will be covered in the next one, or two books. I would have liked a bit more backdrop too but as the book is quite short – at just over 200 pages – I think there was a lot that was just being set up but I still really enjoyed it.
It was hard to get on board with the characters at times. I liked B but at times the character seemed quite big-headed and boasting. Todd, B’s Father, was an ass and I don’t use the term lightly. I hated him and I really couldn’t get on board with why the family put up with him. I wanted to throw the book across the room when he went on his tirades about foreigners. The kids at school were pretty cool and I liked some of B’s friends but they did seem a bit disposable shall we see. I really liked the banter between B and friends, especially Vinyl, I also loved all their nicknames. 
I did really enjoy Zom-B, it was terrifying and the zombies freaked me out so much. I loved the way Zom-B was written and how fast paced it was. There are illustrations in the finished version which the proof had left space for but weren’t included. I missed these, and I think the finished product would really benefit from them. I also knew there was a twist but unfortunately I guessed the twist very, very early on. Bearing all this in mind though I would still really recommend Zom-B, I reckon any fan of the horror genre will love it. 
Zom-B was published in September 2012 by Simon and Schuster. My copy was sent as a gift. 

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