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Your Hand In My Hand – Mark Sperring & Britta Teckentrup

your-hand-in-my-hand-mark-sperring-britta-teckentrup“Your hand in my hand 

is where it belongs,

Your hand in my hand 

as we walk along.”

Join your loved one and read about two mice, travelling through the year together on a journey that matters to them more than anything else in the world, as they have hold of each others’ hands. 


This book was taken out of my local library and honestly I don’t want to return it. It is quite possibly the sweetest book I have read and actually made me shed a tear when I first read it.

Becoming a parent is an emotional time and watching that little baby grow up and become a little person is magical. I want to carry on watching, seeing her develop more but always know that I am there for her, experiencing the things she’s experiencing and this book reflects those feelings completely in the most beautiful way.

Its a perfect bedtime story with a beautiful rhythm and a story that warms your heart. It flows so well and its the perfect length for settling a baby to sleep. I found myself wanting to read it a second time when I first read it but I managed not to and left it a few nights then read it again!

The illustrations are beautiful too and I loved the style of the mice and their environment. Its not release tic but its more mature than a lot of the picture books that I have come across and I really would like a print for the nursery from it I think, its perfect for that kind of thing! The illustrator really brings the story to life and whilst Spike doesn’t get the full effect as she’s falling asleep while I’m reading, I really enjoy the pictures!

Like I said this book is from the library but its overdue on its return because I am desperate to keep hold of it! Its definitely going on my list of books I want to own and it will be a firm favourite of mine, if not Spike’s for a long time.

Your Hand in My Hand was published in 2015 by Orchard books. My copy is a loan from my local library.
To buy the book or for more info please visit:  
Amazon | HiveGoodreads | Author bio | Illustrator website 

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