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Yikes, Ticklysaurus! – Pamela Butchart & Sam Lloyd

Yikes-Ticklysaurus-Pamela-Butchart-Sam-LloydA bored day at the pool results in lots of fun times, for Ticklysaurus at least! while the other dinosaurs hide he runs riot and does what he does best – tickles! Join him in a game of hide and seek which will surely bring out the giggles at bedtime.


Its no surprise that I love dinosaurs so obviously any picture book that includes them will be a must for me and Spike. This one arrived in a congratulations package when she was born from the publisher Bloomsbury and I’ve saved it until now because Spike really loves to take in pictures now more than ever.

We sat down for Sunday afternoon story time with Yikes, Ticklysaurus and had lots of fun. The book is all about a collection of dinosaurs who want some fun and one dinosaur in particular who’s idea of fun doesn’t exactly match the others’. I loved the rhyme scheme of the book and the reputation of “tickle, tickle, wiggle, giggle” as the ticklysaurus finds each dinosaur.

My favourite part of the book was that it allows you to do actions with each page and I’m sure kids will love that, as it builds from little tickles with each dinosaur then big tickles right at the end of the book when Ticklysaurus turns on the reader!

it makes a perfect interactive story book even though Spike at the minute just kind of looked at me when I tickled her but she is only a few months old. She loved looking at the big, bold, bright pictures though and I think it will make a great book for families to bond over, having tickle time and giggles all the way through.

Yikes, Ticklysaurus! was published on July 30th by Bloomsbury. My copy was sent to me from the publisher.
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