Wuthering Hearts – Kay Woodward

“’Come on….’ Emily said reasonably. ‘Wuthering Heights is so dark and depressing. Its always raining. And what about the characters? Everyone’s called Cathy or Catherine or Cath or Kitty or Kat or Cate or, um… what’s his name? Cliff? No, Heathcliff. Hes a right charmer, isn’t he? Not.’

Emily doesn’t want to do Wuthering Heights as the school play but if she’s got to, she should be Cathy. She’s perfect for her, but the little outburst to her drama teacher teamed with the popular girl who has to have everything get in her way and she’s cast as Nelly Dean. This wouldn’t be so bad if dark, mysterious, brooding new guy Robert hadn’t been cast as Heathcliff and it Emily could stop herself from staring at him.
Things go from bad to worse as new developments mean Emily cant physically get away from Robert and she sees more and more of him. Only to discover something he didn’t want anyone to discover and to find herself at fault for him switching from charming Robert to dark Robert.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t like Wuthering Heights. My thoughts mirror those of Emily at the start of this book; it’s depressing and confusing. But I haven’t actually read it the entire way through… I have tried and tried but to be honest, most of the time spent trying was due to it being forced upon me by teachers/tutors. If only I had this book to help me see the romantic, beautiful story of Wuthering Heights that’s present under the depressing dark stuff, all those times I’ve tried it before!
 If you haven’t guessed it yet Wuthering Hearts is a modern re-take of Wuthering Heights. Emily’s school play is an adaptation of the novel and Emily isn’t pleased, but then she actually reads the book and experiences some of the feelings that are associated with the story with her very own Heathcliffe, Robert. The story was just like what I can remember from the book and the TV adaptations and I actually loved it. The story thrown into the modern world with humour and up to date language is actually interesting, although I think it probably helped that all the characters weren’t called Cathy or Catherine… hehe.
Emily was as much like any normal 14/15 year old. She loves drama and make-up and shopping with her best friend and she’s not to over-joyed at homework and her physics teachers monotone drawl. She doesn’t like embarrassing situations and her younger sister does her head in. I think this is what I loved most about Wuthering Hearts, the characters were so approachable and real that I felt like Emily was my best friend and Robert was the hot guy in the corner I was drooling over! (Which is slightly wrong as he’d be like, 7 years younger than me!)
I was a bit concerned how a modern story would work but the way it was done with Emilys mum and dad separated and Auntie O, it was really good. It also helped that I loved Auntie O, she was just how you expect a great aunt and I loved the way she just took everything in her stride. The only character that I thought maybe could have been developed a bit further was Jenna but she was a smaller character so I wasn’t too bothered by this.
I liked the way the mirroring of the original story was done in Wuthering Hearts, it was handled well and really brought the story to the forefront. It reminded me that even though Wuthering Heights is a classic from the 1800’s the story is still relevant today. I really do with that this book was around when I was being forced to read the original three years ago! Its actually made me want to give Wuthering Heights another go and try to finish it as I really did love this modern retake.
Please come back tomorrow when I have the author of this great book discussing her top five must-read classics!  
Wuthering Hearts is the second in Kay Woodward’s modern retakes on Bronte classics and was published last week, on July 7thby Anderson Press. My copy was received in exchange for an honest review.


  • Vivienne

    I absolutely detested Wuthering Heights! It is so boring and full of dead people! I am so glad someone has come along and given it a modern face lift. I can’t wait to read it.

  • Jules

    I’m glad I read your review of this, I might never have given this book a second glance because I too don’t like Wuthering Heights, but it does sound good.

    I’ll be back tomorrow! 🙂

  • Liz. R

    I don’t like Wuthering Heights either! I couldn’t even finish it, it was awful. Glad to see you liked this modern retake though, it seems much more fun and cheery! Thanks for the review :).

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