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Woolf – Alex Latimer & Patrick Latimer

woolf-alex-latimer-patrick=latimer-readaraptorA wolf and a sheep fall in love. They have a son that they call Woolf – he’s half wolf, half woolly sheep! This is Woolf’s story.

It’s not easy being different – not quite fitting in with one group or another. When Woolf tries to impress the wolves, he finds it fun for a while, but they’re a bit too wild. When when he tries to follow the sheep, he finds it all a bit, well, boring. Can Woolf find his own way in life and make his own friends that like him for who he is, not who he’s trying to be?


A wolf in sheep’s clothing doesn’t always have to be the case. Especially not when the sheep wins the wolf over by his amazing singing and talent.

In Woolf we meet a wolf and a sheep who fall in love. They have a child who struggles with his identity, soon learning that he can’t pretend to be one thing in order to fit in while ignoring the other part of himself. Its a sweet story and one that a lot will be taken from by the right reader.

Its a little on the slow side for Spike and I but I think an older child, especially early school age, might get a lot from it. It tells children they should be true to themselves in order to be truly happy and I love that message for sure.

Its an interesting book to read as an adult too because you know that those two animals are completely different. In fact, they are predator and prey, and yet they fall in love and have a pup. They seem like they couldn’t be happier either and I think an adult reading this will be reminded of the feeling of happiness being true to yourself, just as much as a child will!

I loved the illustrations and thought that it depicted a wolf/sheep hybrid perfectly! I thought the Dad was such a cute little sheep and the mum was the perfect depiction of a she-wolf in love. Woolf himself was fun and a little fluffy and I liked that you could pick him out from a crown in both the wolf and sheep scenes.

With cute illustrations and a beautiful message, I think this is probably a must read for any nature loving child who’s parents think they would benefit from learning all about loving themselves and not giving into the pressure of being like anyone else.

Woolf was published on June 7th 2017 by Pavilion Books. My copy was loaned from my local library.

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