Wood Angel – Erin Bow

“A long time ago, in a market town by a looping river,
there lived an orphan girl called Plain Kate.
She was called this because her father had introduced her
to the new butcher, saying, “this is my beloved Katerina Svetlana, after her
mother who died giving birth to her and God rest her soul, but I call her just
plain Kate.”
Following her father’s death Plain Kate lived on her
father’s market stall, carving objarka for the townsfolk. Shes a skilled carver
and some say theres magic in her carvings. When strange things start happening,
the town that Kate always called home turns on her and she’s accused of being a
witch. Fleeing from the town she makes a deal with a real witch who helps her
get away… What she doesn’t realise is that this witch has plans which far
exceed her wildest dreams. She is thrust into danger, travelling through a
world that she hadn’t even seen before.
I knew I’d love this story when I found out witches were
involved… seriously, give me a witch story and I won’t put it down!
I was fascinated by Kates story, I needed to know where
her journey would go next. Kate wasn’t just an orphan, I could tell there was
more to her than just being a plain girl. I was intrigued by the other
characters to, especially Linay and Drina. I was rooting for Kate the whole way
through the book hoping that life would get better for her! I loved her as a
character but I constantly wanted more for her. The whole story had a very fairy-tale
feeling and with that it was a proper fairy-tale, it was dark and twisted and
you feared for Kate’s, and others’, lives.
The characters that you meet on Kate’s journey were
really well developed and I loved the sense of family that you got from the
Roamers. Drina was one of my favourite characters because I could tell that she
had so far to go and that she would grow into herself. I think by the end of
the book you really see that and I loved that both Drina and Kates futures were
clear from the ending of the book. There are so many books that are part of a
series around at the minute, especially in paranormal/fantasy that I was so
glad this one seems to be a standalone. I can’t go without mentioning my other
favourite character; Taggle… I don’t want to give too much away so I can’t say
much about the cat but seriously, I loved him and that’s going to sound so weird
to anyone who hasn’t read the book!!!
I liked Wood Angel a lot. I loved the idea behind it and
the character you meet and I loved the story but I feel its outcomes fell a bit
short. I wanted more out of it than it gave me; I wanted different things for Kate.
But you can’t always have what you want and I think with that in mind I have to
say that Wood Angel is a brilliant read, just prepared for stuff happening that
you don’t want to happen, but then again, it is very much like a fairy-tale in
that respect!!
Wood Angel is a great debut YA novel from author Erin Bow,
following her success in poetry and memoirs. Published in March this year from
Chicken House books my copy was kindly sent in exchange for an honest review. 


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