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Wolfy – Grégoire Solotareff

Our review of Wolfy by Gregoire Solotareff - book on wooden background“There was once a rabbit who had never seen a wolf…
…and a young wolf who had never seen a rabbit.
The young wolf’s uncle decided to take him out for his first ever hunting trip.
But that day, the old wolf was in such a hurry, he crashed into a rock and fell down dead.”


Wolfy and Tom meet and become good friends. Tom the rabbit teaches the wolf to play marbles, read, count and fish. Wolfy teaches Tom to run very, very fast.
But eventually their friendship is tested by the classic game Who’s-afraid-of-the-big-bad-wolf?
Can the little rabbit and the young wolf remain best friends in all the world?




I wasn’t sure about wolf when I started reading it. I was a little concerned about the blasé approach to the death of Wolfy’s uncle, considering its a children’s book. However that was brushed over quickly and the story really started once Wolfy and Tom the Rabbit meet.


The two friends shouldn’t be friends. One should live in fear of the other. Yet in this unlikely tale they become best friends and play together every day. That play leads to the fear that should come from rabbit naturally.


I loved the illustrations and how they bring that fear to life. At one point Spike was a little scared too but I reminded her that it was a picture in a book and she seemed to accept that. There are lots of red which make it look a bit angry, but the colours change as the story does and the yellow of Tom’s home makes it look more friendly and inviting.


The story gives out great messages using a game that many people will remember. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf is played in many playgrounds and plays on the fact that Wolfy is indeed a wolf. Its a great story of forgiveness and understanding when you have done something wrong, which is a message that many children do need to understand.


Wolfy was published on October 1st by Gecko Press. My copy was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.


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