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Wild Boy – Rob Lloyd Jones

“That night, the night the showman came, the moon was the colour of mud. 
Above the houses the sky turned from black to dingy brown as a thick fog crept over the city. The monstrous mud-brown cloud rose from the river. It slithered over rooftops, curled around gas lamps and smothered their lights to ghostly orange globes.”

In a Victorian London fairground you can see a boy, a boy so terrifying, so ghastly, so covered in hair that you will not be able to take your eyes off him. For Wild Boy is a freak and he is condemned to a life in a traveling freak show. Yet whilst everyone is looking at Wild Boy, he is taking in everything about the people and the place. For Wild Boy has immaculate powers of observation and when he is accused of murder, he goes on the run, determined to solve the crime he supposedly committed and find the murderer thats loose. 

Wow, I don’t know what I was expecting with Wild Boy, but whatever it was, it wasn’t what I got, and what I got was so freaking awesome! I swear I loved every bit of this book and think it will be the perfect read for any kid of around 11 to 13. 
The story is so terrifying. but so good. Wild Boy is a freak and he knows it, he dreams of a better world where he is left alone and theres a lot of sadness in his current world. The fairground is not a nice place and I was so happy when Wild Boy got out of there, but after that things didn’t get much better and I just had to keep rooting for Wild Boy, hoping he would get away from the scary horrible people after him and stay safe. 
The characters you meet in the book are awesome and yet so horrible. I loved that the characters invoked so many feelings for me and I couldn’t help my blood boil when reading about some of them and absolutely loving others. Wild Boy and Clarissa were obviously my favourites and I warmed to others but don’t want to say too much in fear of spoiling the story. I really liked Sir Oswald too and where his character was taken. He was very close to Wild Boy and I liked that a lot about him. 
The storytelling in Wild Boy is just awesome, it felt like a proper story and I was lost in it from the start, it definitely had that ‘need to turn the page’ feeling and I just couldn’t read fast enough. I loved the voice and the third person narration, it flowed so well and everything was there. I even got the feeling that the narrator was like Wild boy, taking in the surroundings quickly and taking in everything was right there for us to see. 
As you can tell I adored this book, there were sad times, happy times, even funny times! There were serious undertones to the book and it was a lot more emotional when it came to Wild Boy than I expected… I think I thought it would just be an adventure but there was more to it than that and I loved it so much because of that I think. I loved Wild Boy and Clarissa and I really hope theres another book in their story but if not I will be keeping an eye on what Rob Lloyd Jones does next! 
Wild Boy was published on April 4th by Walker books. My copy was sent from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. 

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