Why We Broke Up – Daniel Handler

“Dear Ed,
In a sec you’ll hear a thunk. At your front door, the one nobody uses. It’ll rattle the hinges a bit when it lands, because it’s so weighty and important, a little jangle along with the thunk, and Joan will look up from whatever she’s cooking.”
Min and Ed were in love. But when they broke up it broke Min’s heart. A month later she feels its time. Time to return the stuff she collected throughout their relationship, even the stuff Ed doesn’t know about. She gathers it all together and puts it all in a box, then writes the letter. The letter about why they broke up. 

I was so excited to read this book, I was crazy excited. I knew I’d love it as soon as I heard about it but unfortunately it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. I did enjoy it. I loved the premise of the book and how it unravelled the entire relationship but the voice was a little odd and I think would put a fair few people off. 
The idea of the book was brilliant. Each of the items in the box was mentioned with its own chapter about its importance of the relationship and why it factors in to the reason behind the break up. I think you needed everything in there to understand just how overwhelmed by Ed Min was. each and every little thing was linked and it was linked so well. It was all pretty much done in chronological order i think with things from the start of the relationship as the early chapters and things at the end of the relationship as the later ones. It is a genius idea and takes a brilliant writer to pull it off. I loved that each thing built up as the chapter went on and sometimes it would be a huge thing that mattered a lot but others it was just a minute detail of the relationship. I also loved how each thing represented just how much head over heals Min was, and that Ed seemed to be too. I was really intrigued towards the end about how the relationship ended because Ed did seem to like Min, and vice versa, even though they were different. 

The chapters we marked by illustrations of each of the items that were in the box too which I thought was a brilliant touch, it makes you able to picture them and picture the events from whence they appeared and why they were so important to Min. I thought the art style was really cool too and I loved that they were colour illustrations as we get so many that are just black and white. 
The pace that the book kept up was brilliant and really did seem like the pace of an albeit very long letter! I was suitably teased about things and I really like how much I wanted the book to get to the end but I also didn’t want it to either. 
Characters don’t really feature a lot within the book. A lot of it is about things and Min and Ed. Other than the main characters, others you find are Joan, Ed’s sister, Al and Lauren, Min’s friends, and a few of Ed’s friends lke Trevor, Annette and one of his exes Jillian. Joan was amazing and I thought that Min and her could become really good friends, they got on so well and Joan had it tough as her and Ed’s mum was ill. I really liked her but couldn’t understand until very late why she distanced herself form Min so much and seems against the relationship, she was maybe a bit too over protective. Al and Lauren were brilliant and I  loved how much like Min they were, how they got her and understood her and how much she needed them, but like all crappy teenage relationship’s Ed got in between Min and her friends and things got a little tetchy. I loved Al the most and the storyline there was a bit too obvious right from the beginning but I loved it all the same. Then we have Ed’s friends. Annette was the nice one and I liked her for most of the book. Jillian was a royal bitch (pardon my french) and I hated her until she proved herself. Trevor was a bit of an arse but I kinda saw why to be honest, and I kinda liked him, for a jock. 
I purposely haven’t said anything about Ed and Min because I can’t without spoiling things for your reading pleasure. I liked both of them, I think you’ll understand both of them if you’ve been in a relationship and to be perfectly honest if you haven’t been in a relationship this book may not make sense at all because a lot of the stuff the pair do is crazy until you’ve been in those shoes. All I can really say is that I hope both of them come to their sense after the relationship is over, especially Ed. 
The thing that I marked this down for is voice. It’s all told from Min’s point of view obviously and to be honest she sounds a little older. It sounds like an adult who has looked over the relationship and tried to write a letter from her 16 year old self. She doesn’t sound like an average 16 year old and maybe its because she’s not, I mean she knows far too many big words and movie quotes for my liking but maybe thats just who she is. She has a very unique voice and whilst for the most part I loved it. I think it’s a bit like marmite. I’d be interested in seeing what other people think of Min’s voice. 

There aren’t many issues raised in this book, mainly they are about falling in love for the first time, moving too soon and virginity. I loved the way that last one was tackled and to be honest I think it serves as a warning for teens who are maybe thinking about doing it. min jumped in too soon, she thought she was ready and then things messed up, big time. I think a lot of teens think the same thing she does about sex and I loved the way it was handled, even though it wasn’t in the best way, if that makes sense! 
Why We Broke Up was published on August 6th by Electric Monkey. My copy was sent in exchange for an honest review from the publisher. 

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