Why I’m on a(nother) book buying ban

So I’m on another book buying ban. This time it comes from a couple of things, one is a serious lack of money. Two is that if I don’t stop buying books I’m seriously going to end up like the picture above!! 
I looked over at my tbr the other day. I thought “I should count those and see how many I’ve got” then I thought “don’t be f’ing stupid, why even put a number on it, that would fill you with dread every time you glanced at the shelves!” So I didn’t. I left them uncounted. All I know is there are a lot, two shelves, double stacked plus another huge pile on my bedside table. And that doesn’t count the kindle books! It puts fear into me even without knowing the number. And you know what? I always leave the ones I’ve bought myself to last, I have review books, competition books, gifted books,loaned books, book tour books and my own,  and of course the others are all seen to before my own. So what’s the point in buying them. I’m not complaining. I love my books but I cant love them enough so for now, no more books til after Christmas. 
Going back to the first reason I said too. A serious lack of money? I’m getting that everyone is in the same boat at the minute. Christmas is approaching and it aint looking pretty for my bank account. But not only that there is the fact that me and my partner are moving. AGAIN. We love our flat, but its too small, too cramped, and too damn expensive. We can get a bigger place 2 miles away for less so we’re on the move. But not only once, no, that would be too simple. We’re moving to T’s mums for three weeks to get enough rent and deposit money together for the next place. Thankfully that should only take us 3-4 weeks but that means that between the beginning of November and Christmas I’ll have moved twice. So this is the other reason for the ban. For some reason I don’t mind moving books I’ve read and want to keep. I love them so why would I mind. But those pesky unread books? Why do I wanna move those, I don’t even know if I’ll like em! haha but in all seriousness, I could do without adding to the books so from now on, I’m saying no to bookshops, charity shops, and even the library. I’m not going to request any more book tour books until I’m settled in the new place and I’m going to try with all my might to say no to anyone offering me books. I’ve also not entered any competitions for a few weeks. I’m doing well. I’ll let you know when I’m on the buy again… for now though; I’m on the packing. Wish me luck! 


  • TG

    Can I say I’m right there with you? I need to stop buying books, borrowing books, requesting books, etc. But it is really, really hard to stop. I recently returned a ton of library books and I had to wait until the library was closed and use the drop-in box. If I’d gone into the library, I fear I might have picked up more books. I’ve avoided going into bookshops, but charity shops are harder, because you can rationalise it by saying: “Well, they’re cheap and the money goes to charity.” And I think I might actually need to block Amazon and The Book Depository on my computer.

    Good luck with move. It does sound stressful, especially the 3 weeks at mum’s place! Hope you get through it.

  • Nymeth

    Good luck with the moves! I’m moving soonish myself, and it’s seriously making me think twice about the number of books I own. I’ve been avoiding getting more for the past few months, but it’s so easy to give in to temptation…

  • Hannah

    I know EXACTLY where you are. I’m not sure if I can resist when I find a good bargain but then I don’t feel so guilty about not being able to get to my own books. HOWEVER. Book tour books I definitely can’t get to, library books, nope, moving 200 miles away soon so definitely no time, review books I have A LOT of already, so yeah. I’ve put myself on a request and RAK ban. If I win books, if people want to send me books, if I find a good bargain, okay, I’m cool with that, but I can’t pay it forward, I need to get through my review books, and I’d really like to get to some of my personal copies finally! Stupid overflowing bookshelf.. I actually posted a picture on my blog yesterday, lol.

  • SusanKMann

    I am the same right now, I have no room for any more books and not enough time to read them. Hubby has a fit if I buy books as I have so many tbr. But I just can’t help myself. I now just buy them for the boys. Good luck with the move and it won’t be long until you can buy again. Hugs x

  • Ellie

    Last time I moved my moving buddy made me promise not to buy any more books as he had to carry them up all the stairs… I have a lot more now and I keep saying I’ll have to hire professional movers next time. They are hard work to move and most of mine were TBR too.

  • Mel

    I know exactly what you mean. I madethe mistake of counting my tbr pile a few weels and it was much, much bigger than I thought it would be. MUCH bigger! When it got into the treble figures I was startled – I have enough books to keep me reading for the next year without buying any more. Come November I’m going to put myself on a ban as well – while I don’t have to move twice before christmas, I don’t want to be buried in books either! 🙂

  • Karen @ Book Light Graveyard

    Moving is the worst! I’m on a book-buying ban too right now–mostly for money reasons but also so I can finally try to catch up on all the ones I own but haven’t read. It’s so hard to resist buying books, though! Good luck!

  • Louise

    I’ll help your book buying ban. I’ve almost finished with Thw Weird Sisters so will be able to send it on next week. Let me know you’re new address to post it to.

    I’m going to be a bit of a geek next week, as I won’t be working AND my husband is likely to be working away I’m going into book geek mode, first job on the list is cataloguing all the books in my TBR, pushing those from publishers are tours to the top and setting aschedule for getting them read. I’ll be in spreadsheet heaven!

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