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Where’s The Zombie – Paul Moran

Ever wanted to search out particular zombies from the midst of panic driven crowds? Now you can in this hilarious search and rescue mission of a book. Following an experiment goes wrong Joel Peters and his family are infected with a new strain of the ZX-5 virus and are on the run. On each page of this book you will be tasked to find the Peters’ family members and their associated med kits, but beware, there’s a lot going on and the family aren’t for standing out from the crowd. 

I absolutely loved this book… its like Where’s Wally with zombies and will be a perfect Christmas present for that zombie crazed person in your life. 
Obviously this review will be a little different from any other on my blog. I review fiction, and occasionally graphic novels. Where’s The Zombie is neither of these, however I thought I’d give it a shout out after it arrived on my doorstep from the publisher. Its one of these books you expect to see on the tables at the front of Waterstones on the run up to Christmas and I probably would have taken a look at it there had I not received it anyway. Its a lot of fun and whilst frustrating at times I found myself transformed back to the Where’s Wally days of my youth trying to see what other gems were lurking in the pages when trying to find the family. 
On each brightly coloured, blood splattered page you have to find Dr & Mrs Peters, Grandma and Granddad Peters, the four children; eldest daughter, twin daughters and a son, the cat and the dog. This task is made harder by them hiding behind other people and zombies, objects or even in plain sight when you expect them not to be! I found the cat the hardest on nearly all the pages and the red med kits were sometimes difficult too as you had to find ten and they are identical; so you don’t always know if you have counted one twice! However you always came across some funny other things when looking so it wasn’t too bad! 

Once you get to the ‘answers’ pages there are more things to find on each puzzle page and I enjoyed seeing which ones of these I’d noticed already and which ones I’d missed, I went back to try and find all of them again and I’m sad to say I didn’t manage it, but I think I must have got around 80% of them. I had a lot of fun playing around with this book and have to credit Paul Moran for some awesome artwork. As I said I think Where’s The Zombie would be a perfect stocking filler for your zombie obsessed teen, partner or friend and they will love pouring over the pages to see what they can find! 

Where’s The Zombie was published on September 12th by Michael O’Mara books. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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