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Where Bear? – Sophy Henn

where-bear-sophy-henn-philomel-books-readaraptorOnce there was a bear cub who lived with a little boy. But over time the bear cub grew . . . and grew . . . and GREW! And did things that bears do . . . and do . . . and DO! One day the boy looked at the bear and realized he was just too big and bearish to be living in a house. “I think it’s time we found you a new place to live where you can be bearish and big,” said the boy. “But where, bear?”


The cutest tale of friendship ever, this book is guaranteed to pull at heartstrings!

Its about a bear and his best friend who understand that they are no longer meant to be together. Bear has to find somewhere better suited to his bear life which boy carries on with his life. But boy’s not willing to just chuck Bear out… no, they have to find the right home for him.

They try lots of different options, but bear just says no, no, no. and while boy is looking for a where for bear to go to, they encounter some scary places! But finally they find the perfect home for bear and he even builds a family there…. though just as he is settled, a new where, bear? question arises.

This book was the cutest and most intriguing book I’ve picked up this year. Its intriguing to me because Sophy Henn is an incredible illustrator and manages to portray emotions and questions and everything from her illustrations. Most of the pages contain one line and a question from the boy, then a one word answer from Bear, followed by “then where bear?” from the boy again. There is so much conveyed by the picture as to Bears reasons for not wanting to live there though that it makes for a great book, and even reading it to Spike, without her seeing the pictures, I was able to put that emotion across in the speech because it was there in the illustrations.

Sophy Henn has been a favourite of mine since I was gifted her incredible book Pom Pom Gets The Grumps by a friend, and I think she’s an illustrator I’ll be following for a long, long time!

Where, Bear? was published in February 2014 by Philomel Books. My copy was borrowed from my local library. 

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