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  • Michelle

    *hugs* I hope she settles down soon. I don’t have children myself but I do work in a nursery and if it makes you feel better I’ve seen the other end of this. I take babies screaming and crying off their parents and see them settle and play. It won’t happen overnight but she will settle.
    In my nursery if they don’t settle we do ring the parents, and parents are allowed to ring as many times as they want.
    She will have lots of fun exploring and making bonds with other children and the staff, and soon you’ll be sad because she hasn’t cried, she hasn’t said goodbye, and goes straight in with smiles.

  • Lyndsey O'Halloran

    Oh Raimy, I do feel for you, especially because I know I have this to come. Erin has only been away from me once so far and she’s too young to realise I wasn’t there. Spike will soon realise how much fun nursery is and will look forward to going

  • Valium To Order

    I feel your pain. I had a terrible time when the girls were babies. But nursery was actually the worse. I ended up staying there with them. It will get easier, even if it feels so awful now. Big hugs, lovely.