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What’s been happening with Readaraptor

spike-readaraptorSo as you will have noticed Readaraptor has been a bit quiet lately. Many readers who follow me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram will know why this is but I just wanted to share a quick post about whats been happening and why I haven’t been around.

Obviously I made an announcement last November in my ‘No Books Allowed’ post that I was expecting a mini Readaraptor. Spike decided she would be ridiculously late so I got a fair bit of reading in while I was on maternity leave waiting for her but not as much as I wanted because I was so tired. I managed some reviews in the run up to Spike’s arrival but none to be scheduled once she arrived!

The last review that went up was actually on the day I went into hospital to be induced. Spike arrived two days later (more of that will be coming on my parenting blog, if you are interested in that!) and although I read a little in the hospital, I didn’t get any decent reading done. Since then (which was 7 weeks ago now) I’ve only managed to read two books. One of them was “Guess how much I love You” which I read to Spike and the other was Non Pratt’s Remix which I only read this week. Reviews of those will be coming soon and I am hoping now that Spike is kind of settled into more of a routine and I’ve gotten used to living on the minimal sleep I get, that I will be reading more now.

From now on I will be aiming for a post once every two weeks and at the end of this month I will be posting about the book I’ve received in the lull and saying a huge thank you to the publishers. If I don’t manage the one post every two weeks though I hope that some readers will still come back to read what I do manage to post and I thank all of you for reading this and my blog in general.

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