What My Mother Doesnt Know – Sonya Sones


Most people just call me Sophie

(Which is the name

On my birth certificate),

Or Sof,         

Or sometimes Sofa.

Zak and Danny think its cute

To call me Couch”

Sophie is almost fifteen, but there’s a lot going on with
her life. Her mum has a crazy addiction to soap operas and she seems a bit
boy-crazy. But that’s just normal for a 14 year old girl right? It’s normal to
not know what you want. It’s a part of growing up
This is probably going to be a short review… sorry but
that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy this book… it was just short that’s all!
This is another book written in verse. The story is made
up of lots of poems on the pages so it only took an hour or two to read. I love
verse novels because you get a feel for the character, you get more emotionally
involved. So I thought What My Mother Doesn’t Know would be a bit more emotional.
The story is very basically a story of Sophie learning
things about life, about boys and about her family. Her mother and father are
so distant that I felt for Sophie, I really did. But the main aspect of the
story was about boys and love and I liked that even though this fluffy stuff
was on top, more serious stuff was underneath.  There was also a lot about growing to
understand the feelings you have going through your body which I enjoyed. There
was interesting aspects on the difference between liking someone a lot and
loving them; which is always a good thing to learn!
I love that the book sees Sophie develop her own
understanding of things. At 14 you are very much just working out who you are
and sometimes your too focussed on other people to work that out. However in
Sophie’s case it was the focus on someone else who helped her find herself. I
love that she gathered a better prospect on life in the book and I love that
she seems to mature so much in such a short space of time.
I didn’t like the major focus on boys… it did seem
really immature and crazy for nearly everything to be about boys… I also didn’t
like that Dylan was trying to get her to have sex with him after 6 weeks! WTF?!
They are 14! That’s not right, surely?! Anyway that and the OTT boy references
towards the start of the book aside, I really did enjoy this book and I will be
looking out for more from the author!
What My Mother Doesn’t Know was Sonya Sones’ second
novel-in-verse. The book has a sequel, What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know and both
were published by Simon and Schuster in the US in 2003 and 2007 respectively. My
copy was purchased via the Waterstone’s US Imports section in the UK chain.


  • CarlyB

    Great review, love! The first ever verse novel I read was by Sonya Sones and I loved it – but that was Stop Pretending. I do have a copy of this one but I haven’t picked it up yet. Maybe I will…maybe I won’t 🙂 x

  • Clover

    Oh I do love Sonya Sones! Her books are always fab. I read this one awhile ago so a lot of the details of the story have completely gone from my mind but I’m left with a fond memory of this book and of the characters. (But I think memories of the sequel crowd out my memories of this one!)

  • Ashley

    I do love me some Sonya Sones!

    @Carly- My first verse novel was Stop Pretending too!! 🙂 You should DEFINITELY read this one! I loved it!

    @Jules- You SO need to read a verse novel! They are AMAZING when done well!

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