What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know – Sonya Sones

“A Piece of Advice from Me to Me

Better brace yourself,

Because you 
are about to be Dumped.

Big time.”

Robin has got the girl of his dreams, but now they are back at school after an amazing two weeks together is he just going to become Murphy again? No she chooses him in that cafeteria on that first day, they are going to be OK, but her friends all think its a huge joke; here’s Sophie, the most popular girl, with Murphy, the least popular guy. but what’s it going to do to the pair of them? When the school starts rejecting Sophie for hanging out with Robin and he starts looking at naked women (not like that…) what will it do to their relationship? 


Some of you may remember my review, not so long ago of What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones, here. I really didn’t warm to that book very well and I kinda thought it would put me off reading the rest of the series, but then I was offered a copy of What my Girlfriend Doesn’t Know and I thought I may aswell give it a try, just to see if it was different. Thankfully it was!

I think the main reason for me not liking “mother” was because it was all from Sophie’s point of view which I found childish and boy-obsessed, I kind of thought it would be more serious, but then again I guess it showed what fourteen year old girls are like. “Girlfriend” though was different, I really warmed to Robin as a character and I thought he was very mature for his age. I loved that he found a place of belonging after being shunned so much at school.

The story was really good, it was more about growing as a person than getting the next boy/girlfriend which is what “mother” was mainly about. I liked the perspective better and I understoon more about Robin than ever before. I was still shocked and horrified at how terrible High School Kids can be, shunning Sopihe because she’s going out with the most unpopular boy in the school, it was awful but I was quite happy with the eventual outcome, even if not everything did get better. The was a lot of learning to do with relationships and the way they worked and I loved the ending of this book a lot.

The style was brilliant, I do love verse novels and I want to read everyone that exists. They quite often flow well and although sometimes things aren’t linear I still love them. “Girlfriend” was even better due to the occasional twist put one the pages. There were a couple of the “poems” that were placed differently on the page – like “I Do Not Have a One-track Mind” which was in the shape of a pair of boobs, that was a great touch.

As I said, I really didnt think I’d like this book after reading “mother” and you can read them independently to one another so I would recommend that if you’re going to pick up one to read first read “girlfriend” there were things that annoyed me, like the high school kids and Sophie a little and Sophie’s mum, I also at times forgot that Robin was meant to be fourteen as he acted more like eighteen or nineteen but other than these niggles it was a good book.

What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know was released in the US in June 2007 by Simon & Schuster. My copy was loaned to me by Keris, thank you! 

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