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What happened in 2018 & goals for 2019

I thought 2017 was pathetic for reading but 2018 was worse. I finished the year having read about 10 YA or non-picture books. I was almost finished I’ll Be Home For Christmas by New Years Eve but I didn’t quite manage it (Finished it on New Years Day instead). But even so… 11 books that aren’t picture books and a Goodreads total of 42 is awful!

Not only that, I haven’t been reviewing the booked I have read! I’ve managed 11 blog posts on Readaraptor in 2018, which is ridiculous! I want to start reviewing more and reading more but finding the time is difficult with working full time and running my parenting blog, Readaraptor Hatchling. I have thought about closing this blog down completely but I only started it as a way to talk about the books I wanted to shout from the rooftops for, which is why I’m not going to.

This year one of my life goals is to read and review at least 1 non-picture book each month. I want to rekindle my love for reading and find time to be me. January is easy as it’s done now but I’ll try and get ahead before the rest of the year gets in the way. January’s book review will will be posted next week. Lets hope I manage to carry it on it because I’m missing it! I want to read, I love reading, and I want to share my thoughts with any readers I’ve still got too.

If you are still reading thank you, if you are reading this because I’ve suddenly appeared on your RSS or twitter feed after months, thank you. I appreciate it! I promise nothing other than the fact I can always be found on Instagram and often use stories as a way to talk about what I’m reading, but I will try harder this year to meet every goal I am setting and restoring something to Readaraptor is one of them!

PS. Read Alwyn Hamilton’s Rebel of the Sands series. I devoured books two and three a few weeks ago and they were AMAZING!

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