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Weirdos Vs Quimboids – Natasha Desbough

‘‘Felix Winters looks so HOT in a tuxedo,’ I whispered. His bum cheeks are like two orbs of wonder. ‘Could a boy be any more perfect?’
‘It would take a brave girl to attempt to prise him away from Fiona’s claws,’ Petrina replied from behind me. ‘Look at her with her leg cocked up against his thigh. She’s like a dog marking its territory on a lamp post.’
‘One day he’ll realise how shallow she really is,’ I sighed, knowing that this would never really happen. ‘Oooh look! Toby’s undoing his shirt!’
Petrina shoved me roughly out of the way so that she could get a better look at the second hottest boy in the school.” 

Blossom and her best friend Petrina are weirdos. They were unfortunate enough to be given names with initials which spell out words (B.U.M and P.O.O for the record) and since school started have been branded goths and outsiders. They shouldn’t care, but they do. They see the school radio station as their ticket to the elite Winners circle and the perfect set up to launch their band, Camel Toe. But with exceptionally embarrassing parents, and frequent episodes of things high on the Scale of Shame, can they bust out of their known image and become the coolest kids at Bridge Mount High? 

Omgosh, I don’t think I have laughed out loud whilst reading in soooo long! This book was hilarious and ridiculous in a great way and absolutely perfect for a Saturday morning reading sesh.
The story is a little insane and can’t claim to be realistic in any way, but I loved it anyway. Blossom has dreams and has a lot of things standing in the way of them. A lot of it is about getting the guy for the most part and its typically teenage in places. The situations Blossom, particularly, finds herself in are so funny though and its definitely worth reading for that. I loved the focus on music in the book and how much it meant to the characters in the book, especially how people react differently to their ‘love of music’ than others.
There aren’t very many nice characters in this book, Lucy and Fiona are awful and I agree with Blossom calling them Slangers as they were so superficial and horrible. The boys had some merits as hey didn’t completely slag off other people but they were trying to use the people around them a lot which made me hate them. The wizard, or Merlin to use his real name, was also a bit of a knob and I really didn’t like him, I am fine with what was going on and if the people involved were happy then that is fine but his attitude towards it all was horrible and made me not like him. Blossoms family were ace and of course Blossom, Petrina and Walter were the best characters ever even when they were all being a little stupid and not seeing the things that were right in front of their faces.
I think the thing I love the most about this book was the message it put across. It kinda cemented the idea of being weird and loving yourself for it, its not the being weird that is the problem for Blossom and Petrina, its the trying their hardest not to be and that is an important message for everyone reading I think. I was weird in school but I had a lot of friends and a lot of people, including the ‘winners’ who didn’t bother me for it because for the most part in the later years especially, I never tried to be any different. I also loved the political message it put across because even when they didn’t think they were being political the characters were and I have to say, I kinda agree with the concept of Camel Toe as a band name and Petrina’s reasoning behind it! 
I thought things were a little too slow paced towards the end of the novel and certain things were a bit too drawn out and I thought they could have done with not being but other than that I really loved the ending, including that it reinforced the idea that the image that people put out there of themselves to be their true self and that you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. 
Weirdos Vs Quimboids was published on September 13th by Catnip Publishing. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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