We Come Apart - Sarah Crossan Brian Conaghan

We Come Apart – Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan

You have to be quick,
none of this pretending to be browsing business
that some shoplifters go for.

It’s in
grab what you want and out again.”

Jess is pro at shoplifting. But she’s not so pro at making friends. Thats why she gets thrown into the Reparation Scheme. Nicu misses home and hates being stuck in this foreign land. He wants nothing more than to go home, until he gets caught stealing a bar of chocolate and meets Jess.


I have mentioned it before and will probably mention it again, but I love books written in verse. Especially when they are written by Sarah Crossan like We Come Apart is.

This book is told in two parts. Alternating between Nicu and Jess as they start getting to know each other and themselves better. I loved the way that Jess grew in the story and the relationship that developed between them. Nicu was harder to read and I think that was intentional from the authors. It helped me understand more of the way he felt, being different to everyone else and how hard it must have been for him to be living the life he was being forced to live.

The two main character both had so much going on but the way the voices differed offered a way of understanding who was speaking when. It was kept easy by each voice alternating too, so that you can keep track.

There were hard subject matters in this book. It covers everything form forced marriage to domestic abuse and even touches on sexual assault. The main characters are not dealt a good card and at times I wanted to throw the book across the room because of how angry it made me feel. But it ended perfectly and I loved every page.

We Come Apart was published in February 2017 by Bloomsbury. My copy was loaned from my local library.

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