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Watchmen – Alan Moore

Last night I finally finished a book I have wanted to read for years. I kept meaning to buy Watchmen or borrow it from the local library and every time I had money or was near the library I forgot. However my workmate, who seems like a very cool guy as he likes reading and graphic novels too, mentioned it a few weeks ago and insisted on my borrowing of his copy! the next day he brought it in but obviously I didnt want to damage it by carrying it to and from work everyday so I only read it at home, which means it took longer than my usual books! All I can say Is I’m glad Ive finally read it! Ive seen the film and unfortunately I kept trying to remember what was going to happen next all the way through, which is why I always try and read the books before the films! 
The novel is quite hefty compared to most graphic novels I’ve come across, Im used to manga which is obviously a lot smaller but I will never say no to anything graphicy! Obviously I can remember bits of the film and that was also pretty long but I thought they’d padded it out a lot for Hollywood! However it appears they didn’t and thankfully everything I can remember from the movie was there sat in the book! The drawings aren’t everyone’s style, my boyfriend in particular said that its not the style he usually likes, but the storyline behind the story was what made it so good! often you find in graphic novels that they just wouldn’t work without the pictures and although in some places this is the case in Watchmen, in others its not. This is emphasised by the in-between chapters that are extracts from books or magazines etc that you hear about in the story. Hollis Masons book “under the hood” for example is an excellent insight to part of the story that would have taken a while if done through pictures! I liked that it included those as sometimes I find my eyes getting distracted by all the different stuff proided by the pictures! 
One of the other things I loved about the novel was that it kept you on the edge. even though I’ve seen the movie I still kept thinking about what was coming and willing for it to come to give me answers. That’s what makes a good story in my eyes, if you need to know throughout what’s going to happen and it keeps you on your toes then its a keeper! 
I’m really glad I finally got round to reading it. If my workmate hadn’t brought it for me to read then it probably would have taken another few years or something! but its an amazing story with some amazing imagery and I really recommend that anyone who likes a good read sits down with this! 
Also as you may have noticed, I haven’t really posted anything substantial for a while. That’s due to reading two books at once (which always takes me twice as long!) and because various things out of my control that I’ve had to do other than read… Work mainly! haha but I promise you Ill keep on top of my blog more from now on!! really
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