Walker Books Blogger Event 28th November 2013

So on the 28th November I headed on down to London for an evening of books, bloggers and buffets from Walker Children’s Books. The event was on a Thursday evening so I choo-chooed down in the afternoon and by chance met the wonderful Sarah of Feeling Fictional at the tube station near Walker.

When we got there I had chance to say hey a to some other awesome bloggers and the super cool Non Pratt, who’s debut is coming out from Walker next year, but more of that in a little while. Once we were all sitting quietly The guys at Walker introduced themselves and one of the editors spent a few minutes talking about a new book called The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. This is a story about a girl who is born with wings and ventures out into the wider world at 16 to be greated with a mix of reactions. It sounds incredible and after the editor (who’s name I have completely forgotten, sorry!) spoke about it the author Leslye Walton joined us via google hangouts from America to talk some more about it.

It was so interesting to find out about Leslye’s journey from the first idea to the final draft and I loved that it all started with a short story submission but then the characters just wouldn’t leave her alone and it all developed from there. The idea that some of the characters were based on people she knows in real life is awesome too and I really do want to read he book even more now I’ve heard how passionate the author is about it all!

After Leslye chatted about her book we moved on to Non’s Trouble, which is about a pregnant girl and a boy who befriends her as far as I can tell. First off we had her editor, Denise I believe she was called, talk about the process of finding out Non was writing a book and getting it published, it was great to hear how much Walker wanted that book and how they decided to talk up world rights for it and that it will be published in other countries too! Then we had Jack talk about the cover design and the different processes he went through for the design of the book. In all honesty I absolutely loved this and it was incredible to see where he drew his ideas from and how the finished product came to life… also particularly brilliant about this may be the amount of sperms mentioned in Jacks segment!

Then Non herself came to talk to us about the book and her writing journey, she is obviously passionate about writing and has been doing it since age 14 so its great she’s now getting her dream of being a published author. I knew Non before from her work as editor of Catnip Publishing and one of the questions asked her how different it felt being on the other side of things, which apparently wasn’t very but its starting to change the closer to publication day! Trouble is split narrative and Non did a reading of part of Aaron’s story and it sounded hilarious, I really can’t wait to read it all!

After that it was through to another room for a book and food buffet. We got to pick up some lovely books and there were a few other authors standing around to talk to. I got to speak to Katy Moran, author of Hidden Among Us and its upcoming sequel The Hidden Princess; Antony Mcgown, author of Hello Darkness and various other books; and Julian Sedgwick, co-author of the Dark Satanic Mills graphic novel. Loads of the publicity, marketing and editorial team of Walker were also there to chat and it was a great atmosphere. Unfortunately I had to dash off for my train home, which was severely delayed and resulted in me missing my connection but the lovely station supervisor at Preston paying for a taxi home for me, but it was all well worth it to catch up with everyone.

I love seeing my friends and meeting authors and its great that publishers do these kinds of events for us bloggers. Thank you so much for having us Walker!!


  • maya

    I read Trouble a few days ago and LOVED it – best YA contemporary I’ve read in a while. I’m jealous of you getting to meet Non Pratt! The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender sounds really interesting and I love the cover. Sounds like you had a great time! πŸ˜‰

  • David Harris

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  • Sarah G

    It was lovely to see you Raimy, sounds like your journey home was a nightmare though so I’m glad you made it back safely :o) It was a fab evening though wasn’t it!

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