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Waiting For Gonzo – Dave Cousins

“Listen, G – this is important and there isn’t much time. I want you to know what really happened, because things weren’t supposed to end like this.
I blame Michael Duchamp, but he’s dead, so there’s not much anybody can do to him now. When he drew a moustache and a goatee beard on a copy of the Mona Lisa – which is probably the most famous painting in the world – he said he did it becuase he wanted to challenge people’s perception of what art could be.
He was lying.
He did it because if was funny.
Moustaches are funny.
End of Story 
Except in this case, G. – it was just the beginning.” 

Oz has been uprooted from his live near London with all his freiends, to a farm in the middle of nowhere. Managing to ‘pull a Pete Taylor’ on his first day he knows he has to do something to fix his reputation quick. He comes across the perfect opportunity, and ignores geeky Ryan when he is told that its a bad idea. Then starts a chain of events which may just haunt him forever. Oz has messed up big time and now he has to find a way to fix the damage. 

Omgosh. This was hilarious. Read in one sitting I giggled my way through this book in just a couple of hours and can’t recommend it enough. Waiting for Gonzo was funny with a serious edge, something Dave Cousins can do so well, and I loved every second of it.
Oz manages to upset Isobel, the school Psycho, on his first day at his new school. This causes her not to like him much, naturally, so when they find out they live next door to one another things get a little heated. I loved the chain of events that were sparked when the meeting between Oz and Isobel happened and although they messed things up for Oz and his family, it was worth it to see what stupid situations Oz could get himself into from there. There are things going on in his family that aren’t his fault but even then he manages to make them worse and isn’t the most helpful person in the world, especially to his sister but still, with the humour and the general blasé of Oz, it was fantastic to read.
Oz has to be the funniest character ever, I loved his attitude and Cousins can really get into the mind of a teenage boy, I think he may actually be one in disguise! Oz is quite sarcastic but caring too, though he wont let many people see that. He’s there for his sister even though they drive each other mad, but it was a proper brother sister relationship that I can get on board with. Meg, Oz‘ sister, has some crap going on in her life which is causing problems in the household but she was a genuinely nice person and I liked her attitude too, she was passionate and although sometimes she was passionate about the wrong things I still really liked her.  Their parents were great too although I did notice that we didn’t get much of an insight into Oz’ mum, she was the only character I couldn’t really figure out. Isobel was hilarious and I loved the way she acted around Oz, she was funny and a little mean but he kinda deserved it! Ryan was an uber nerd and I would have got on well with him, I speak as animatedly as he does when I get onto a topic I love so I can definitely relate to that… And Gonzo, well Gozno is one of those characters who is there, but isn’t, he is an invisible presence for most the book and I loved him, even though he kinda turns out to be a she.  
The way the book is written is kind of like a memoir or a letter specifically aimed at Gonzo, I had no idea about Gonzo before I started reading and I liked how we find out so I won’t ruin it for any of you but I did love the idea of Oz talking to G in that way and I thought it showed a lot about Oz’ character because of the way he was talking. 
I really can’t recommend this book more, it is a fantastic read which just keeps giving and the outcome is brilliant. I envy Dave Cousins for being able to get into the mind of a teenage boy so well and to be able to write a book as awesome and funny as this one. I will definitely be on the look out for more of his books in the future. 
Waiting for Gonzo was published on March 7th by Oxford University Press. My copy was sent by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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