Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead

“I felt her fear before I heard her screams.
Her nightmare pulsed into me, shaking me out of my own dream, which had had something to so with a beach and some hot guy rubbing suntam oil on me. Images – hers, not mine – tumbled through my mind; fire and blood, the smell of smoke, the twisted metal of the car.”
Rose and Lissa are in hiding. After running from the Academy where they Rosa was training to be a guardian and Lissa was learning more about her royal vampire ways, they have to be careful and stay aware of everything around them. But then they are found and returned to St Vladimir’s and everything they ran away from in the first place is about to get ten times worse.

OK, so I was leant this to read after admitting that I stay clear of vampire stories. I don’t know why but I think they are often over-done and I don’t find them all that interesting… It’s probably cos – shock horror – I hated twilight.
Unfortunately I wasn’t too impressed with this one either. At first I HATED Rose, she a bitch! I can’t understand why someone is that mean, it’s not just nasty; its selfish evilness. I wasn’t impressed by her at all and Lissa seemed like a sap. She just really seemed pathetic. I kept going through because I wanted to know what it was they had run from in the first place. The story does grab you like that!
The story is good, theres an evilness that you don’t find out til way later in the book but thats not a problem because a lot of stuff happens between the beginning and the end. I did think the book could have been shorter and i was a bit bored. That was until right at the end of the book. Around page 280 i really got into what was happening and I loved it, but it felt a bit rushed and I would have liked that bit to come earlier!
The characterisation is again a bit meh. I hated Rose and Lissa was a bit pathetic. I found other characters intriguing though and I think that helped me carry on through. Dimitri was very intriguing – and it didn’t help that he sounded gorgeous – and I wanted to hear more about him. Also Christian was a very cool mysterious character and I so would have been his friend!
There were sections of this book where I got very confuessed, settings would suddenly change and at one point I actually couldn’t work out if I was in the academy grounds or in the mall and also Rose changed her mind on what she knew over four pages… On one page she was aware of something that had happened then by two pages over she sounded shocked when another guardian told her what had happened… It really didn’t make sense and I had to read those four pages like four times!
I really wasn’t impressed with the first 270 pages of this book. I considered stopping my reading of it a couple of times and that doesn’t happen often. But I have been convinced that the rest of the series gets so much better and judging by the last 50 pages of this book… that might be true. I think I probably will carry on reading the series but only if the opportunity arises… and I probably won’t be buying them myself, I’ll rely on my local library.
Vampire Academy is the first in the series of the same name. It was published in 2007, the series finished on the sixth book which was released in 2010. A new spin off series will be available in August. This book was kindly leant to me by Cait of The Cait files.


  • Jennifer A

    Yes, Rose is selfish. Yes, for the first part you’re like WTF? I had so many people recommend VA, and I didn’t understand why they loved it.

    BUT, the rest of the series gets so much better. I thought book one was just ok. I figured since I had read book one, I might as well give the second book a try, and it was definitely better than the first. Each book got better and better.

    I freaking LOVE dimitri.

    I say give the rest a shot. I agree with your review, but the others are so much better.

  • Liz. R

    Aw I hope you read the sequel! Will admit Rose is very unlikeable in the first book, but she does get better, I promise! :P.

  • Phanee

    I have to admit I have been very reluctant to read the Vampire Academy books. I did enjoy reading Twilight, but I have been a little put off by the VA books from the first time I saw them.
    Maybe sometime in the future I will see if I can find a secondhand (or very cheap) copy of it somewhere, just to say that I gave it a try.
    Thanks for the lovely and very honest review!

  • Clover

    Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that this book didn’t really work for you. I have the first three books in the series waiting for me on my TBR shelves and now I’m not all that excited to read them 🙁

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