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Usborne Tales for Little Children – Various

Usborne-tales-for-little-children-book-review-readaraptorThis collection of old fairy and folk tales from across the world, retold by various authors and illustrators for an anthology published by Usborne Children’s Books. The perfect length for a bedtime story, these were told – one per night – to Spike as she relaxed in her cot before going to sleep.

I picked up this collection using the free book allowance I got through an online Usborne Book’s at Home party I ran and I thought it would be ages before I read them to Spike. However, looking for a new bedtime story for her last week I realised I’ve read all the ones in her room a good few times and I wanted something different. The first story was Goldilocks and the Three Bears, which I knew wasn’t long so I thought I’d give it a try!

I really enjoyed reading it as it took me back to the stories I remember from my childhood that I’ve not listened to or read since! Other stories familiar to me in the collection included Tom Thumb, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Tin Soldier. There were nine stories all together and some were completely new to me which was refreshing as they were mostly traditional fairly tales from Japan or other cultures from across the world and I loved knowing that they were that cultures version of Goldilocks or Jack and the Beanstalk!

My favourite story out of them all was probably The King’s Pudding, retold by Suzanna Davidson and illustrated by Nathalie Ragondet. This story was about a deer who tricks a tiger into never chasing him again. It was a tale of cunning and taught the lesson that you mustn’t carry on doing something bad as you will be mistreated in return. The illustrations for this story were the most refreshing and bright too which I think is one reason why I enjoyed it so much.

The only downside to this collection is that its hard back and big and heavy. It’s never going to be one that Spike picks up and begs me to read because she’ll probably be about 10 before she can even pick it up! It would be next to impossible to read with her sat on my knee without squishing her too so its definitely a bedtime story book for right now, when she goes in her cot and is read to from a distance!

Tales for Little Children was published by Usborne Children’s Books in 2016. My copy was purchase through Usborne Books At Home.

For more info, or to buy the book, please visit:

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  • Kezzie

    I know the feeling about thinking a book is too heavy! I really do relish reading retellings of old fairytales! I don’t know if I will ever grow tired of it!

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