Unison 3.0 – Andy Marino

“Her new name was Mistletoe. On her fifteenth birthday, she announced to her caretaker, Jiri, that she was sick of being called Anna. 
He grunted. ‘Anna’s your name.’
‘Who picked it out?’
‘Your mother and father.’
‘And where are they now?’
He raised a busy eyebrow. ‘Okay. What do you want to be -’
Mistletoe, as she’d been known for the last six months, lives on the wrong side of the canopy. Above is Topside, with its shiny buildings, money and Unison, the social network that everyone raves about. In the sub-canopy you can only dream of having a User ID for visit Unison but when Ambrose comes crashing into her life she finds herself stuck in the middle of a chilling plot and her dreams of visiting Unison and Topside may have to become reality. It seems theres more to Unison than anyone imagined and Mistletoe and Ambrose must find a way to hault plans for the new upgrade – Union 3.0 – before it changes everything. 

Unison 3.0 isn’t my normal type of book, its very techy and I thought I may struggle with some aspects of the story. However the way it was written makes it more into an action based book and means that even I could enjoy it! 
I really liked the idea of Unison, I’m not gunna lie there were some bits that I couldn’t understand about it but mostly everything was explained really well and I got the gist of it early on. Unison is a social networking site where you can almost actually go into. It stops the limitations of having to be sat at a computer as Ambrose tells us early on, and opens up the cyber world for people to actively roam about in. It also matches up your preferences to others’ and finds friends for you who have the same likes and hobbies. There’s something sinister from the start though as you find out that Ambrose is about to undergo a procedure which will allow him never to have to sleep again and that’s not the weirdest part of the story! 
I loved the plot of this book and the roads it went down. I loved the setting and the world that Marino has dreamed up and how similar it was to ours, yet how distant it was too. I loved the thought of atmoscrapers – 375 storey high sky-scrapers and that you can just hand over controls of your car to the city’s grid and it’ll drive itself. The futuristic aspect of this book is really good and I think its that which will appeal to a lot of readers. 
The characters were really interesting, especially as you start to find out more about their backgrounds and I really liked them both. Ambrose was a little pompus at the beginning but I learnt to love him and Mistletoe was just kick-ass in my opinion! Jiri seemed sweet and I wanted to learn more about him, I wish he was in it more but alas I can’t always  get what I want! Sliv was intriguing too and I really wanted to know more about him and his gang. The majority of things that happen in the book are very much to do with Ambrose and Mistletoe so you don’t get to know much about other characters but I liked the small insights you got into them, especially Len, Ambrose’s brother. 
I think one of the things I loved the most about this book was the split perspective and how different things effected Mistletoe and Ambrose differently. They are similar but yet so different; Mistletoe having grown up sub-canopy and Ambrose Topside. Their relationship was really well developed and I liked the way they cared about each other without it being, like, lovey dovey. 
I really would recommend Unison 3.0 to many readers, I think the name of the main character and the fact that the blurb of the book makes it sound like it focusses on Mistletoe may put certain readers off – especially boys as it kinda sounds like they’ll be something between Ambrose and Mistletoe – but it shouldn’t becuase Unison 3.0 is a really great techy adventure and a great read. 
Unison 3.0 was published in April 2012 by Catnip Publishing. My copy was sent to me in excahnge for an honest review. 


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