Unique – Alison Allen-Gray

“I know the big secret now.
The thing nobody wanted me to find out.
I’m not an only child. There was someone before me. My Brother. He was everything I’m not. Clever. Funny. Loved. But he’s gone.

Now I cant believe a word they say.
Got to get away. 
They’re after me.
They want me to be like him. 
Before they find me, I have to find the truth…. 
The whole truth.” 

In Unique we are introduced to Dominic as he finds out he has, or had, a brother. He is confused because his parents never told him about this bother and he goes off on a journey to try and find out more about him and the reasoning for their parents keeping 21 years of their lives so quiet.
His journey takes him to places and ideas that he never thought were possible, people who know who he is just by looking at him although he was certain that he’d never seen them in his life. What he finds is confusing and complex but also, he realises, reasoning for why his father seemed to hate him and wanted him to be completely different and for why his mother seemed to drink her way through life.
I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up Unique. The cover intrigued me and when I read the back I thought it sounded pretty cool. However I wasn’t expecting what happened, the story gripped me and I was so keen to know who Dominic’s brother was and how come no one had told him anything about his brother that I couldn’t really put the book down!
The story is complex and brilliant, however I didn’t like the writing style in some places, I thought it kind of made Dominic sound like a little boy rather than a 15 year old guy, but you can’t have everything. I guess I got over this pretty quickly though because the story isn’t so much about Dominic but about how he came to be. I picked this book up in the library knowing it was going to be a quick read and it was but that didn’t mean it didn’t excite me. The book was first published in 2004 and, with it being set in 2017, you can kind of tell its age but it was still really good and I’ll be looking out for more by Alison Allen-Gray as I think, from just this book, she creates a brilliant plot line. 


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