Unfed – Kirsty McKay

“When you’re staring in the jaws of death at the age of fifteen, there’s not a whole lot of life to flash before your eyes. 
‘Brace! Brace! Brace!’ a voice cries.
Huh? This is a bus, not a plane, silly. 
There’s a huge skid, I’ve got a face full of seat, and all the kids around me are screaming.”

Bobby and her friends thought they had reached safety. After being attacked by zombies at a cafe, losing most of their school friends and teacher, finding their way into a castle full of psycho’s and learning things about Bobby’s mother, and the organisation she worked for, that they didn’t want to know, they found themselves safely on another bus going in the direction of home. But thigns soon go wrong, the bus crashes and Bobby awakes in a hospital, not just any hospital though, an underground hospital owned by Xanthro Industries, her mother’s organisation, who are developing the zombie virus further. Yet again Bobby, Alice and Pete are running for their lives, with new guy Russ tagging along they need to find their ally Smitty and Bobby’s mum, presuming their both still alive. 


Ahhh, Unfed, I’ve waited a long, long time for you, how could I resist tearing you open and devouring every sentence as soon as you landed on my doorstep? A year has gone by since I read Undead… Over a year in fact, so forgive me if I was a little violent ripping open Unfed, but I couldn’t stop myself, I needed more from Bobby and the gang.

So Unfed picks up almost exactly where Undead dropped off, or at least I think it did, I very much remember the bus at the end of the last book so I believe so. The prologue showed us the bus crash and the story begins after Bobby wakes up from the coma she’s been in for six weeks. I was very happy that things were mentioned about the last books events because it helped me remember but not in a blatantly obvious way, you could read the two together and it wouldn’t be annoying to recap everything. 

The pace in these books is fast, really fast. I was reminded of this with Unfed, right from the beginning the sentences are short and snappy, a bit like Bobby herself! I love how on the ball she was and how everything was a fight right from the start. Bobby knows from the second she wakes up that all is not right in the hospital she’s in and once she finds Pete and Alice she knows thats definitely not the case. I loved how the story behind Xanthro and the zombies had developed since the first book and how much more scary the organisation was because of it. You’re told right at the beginning of the book that Bobby’s mother is dead but you know then and there that it can’t be true, as always Bobby’s mum is kick ass in this book, she just hides well and you are always a little, well, unsure of her. I think her paranoia from book one seeps over to Unfed well in that I honestly didn’t know who to trust and who not to. I was even questioning Bobby herself at one point! 

I love that theres more to this series that just zombies, theres corruption, a strange organisation, friendship, family stuff and romance. I don’t wanna go into much detail in this review so as to not spoil anything but I loved the romance elements in it as much as the rest. 

Unfed was full of the snark that I loved so much in Undead, Bobby is spunky and her friends are too. It makes for a brilliantly funny read which has you laughing out loud at points where you should be cowering. Bobby and her friends look zombies in the eye but they know that they need to laugh otherwise they will cry… at least most of them do, Alice is still a bit ditzy and annoying but I think she’s always gunna be! 

As you can tell I really did love this book, just as I loved the first. I think Kirsty has a fantastic writing style which will really grab kids and adult alike. With the interest in zombies growing through TV shows like The Walking Dead and games and books featuring them, every school library should have a copy of this one just to add a bit of humour into the terrifying situation. 

Unfed is the second in the Undead series, it will be published on September 6th by Chicken House. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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