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Undone – Cat Clarke

“The boy next door.
Its a terrible cliche, isnt it? The one you eventually realise is The One after having your heart pulverised by an assortment of bad boys. We’ve all been there. Things were a little different for her though. She realised he was The One before she’d even met any bad boy, let alone had her heart pulverised bt one. And in her case The One happened to be very much gay. That pretty much blows the cliche out of the water, don’t you think?

When Jem first caught sight of Kai he was lying on his back watching the sky. They were eight years old and from that moment one they were inseparable. Jem was in love with him but he was her best friend and he was gay. Jem learns to live with it, tries to hide it from everyone and she’s doing a good job until the unspeakable happens. 
A video is posted online of Kai getting intimate with another guy. the video spreads and Kai kills himself. 
Jem knows theres nothing she can do, nothing to stop the pain or bring him back. but she wants to know who did this to him and when she finds out she wants revenge.

There was never any doubt that I would enjoy this book, Cat Clarke’s third novel and the third I’ve read lived up to all my expectations and was well worth the ten months or so that I had to wait since I read Torn. Whilst the novels are standalone there is something about Cat’s writing that just keeps you wanting more and more and it’s something that is still with me now. 
Undone is not a nice novel – in fact none of Cat’s books could be considered nice… I’m kinda worried what goes on in that head of hers! – its a dark contemporary about love, loss and revenge and Jem goes about revenge in the worst possible way. She wants to take down the people who ruined Kai’s life, ruined the boy she loved and everything about him. The book starts with a prologue, with a third person narrator telling us all about the pair of them and how they became friends and that was amazing in my eyes. I loved that it pretty much cemented the attitude of Jem from the start even though she was only eight. Once the chapters start its all in Jem’s voice and thats what hurts, Kai is already dead but she is reliving things that happened when he was alive and you can feel the raw emotion in her voice, it oozes from the page and it makes tears well up at the slightest of things. I was in bits within the first few chapters and carried on crying on and off throughout the entire book. Jem doesn’t know what to do about Kai and it takes her a while to get through the raw grief and get back to school and start her plan, but that while it takes lays all the foundations so the reader knows exactly why she does what she does and its amazing to read. 
Jem is a strange character because we don’t really get to know the real, real her. We are introduced to her when she is in grief and then things start changing because of her plan. I liked that there were snippets every now and then about who she really was but as the book goes on things start getting worrying for Jem and I was genuinely concerned about her. From the times where she relives her and Kai together you know what the real her is like and you can tell its the grief that has pushed her, she’s a wonderful character and has so much depth but its hard to read at times as you know she’s not being true to herself. Kai was the life of the page at the beginning and I loved him from the very moment we meet him. He was happy, he is compared to summer from Jem and that is most definitely how I saw him, it was Kai that made Jem get up on a morning and carry on with the day and you can sense that from him. It makes it even harder to know that he must have been hiding how much he hurt before he killed himself. 

Other characters were amazingly portrayed but I am put off talking about them too much in fear of ruining what will happen later in the book. I really liked Lucas towards the end of the book and I think what happened to him was the thing that made the highest impact on me, because his feelings were so easy to read. Jem’s parents were lovely as well and I think Cat actually does a really great portrayal of parents within Undone, I think that everyone knows that not every teenagers’ parents are nagging gits and Cat hasn’t put very much nagging in this book at all which was nicely done.
As you can probably tell I adored this book. Its hard to read and you will more than likely cry so have some tissues ready but I would still recommend it due to the way things are handled, the outcome and how much things you think you want are actually not what you want at all. It’s a brilliant story full of raw emotion and I know its one I will be reading again. 
Undone is released on 31st January from Quercus, the ebook will be available from December 20th. My copy was sent from the publishers in exchange for a honest review. 

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