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Uglies – Scott Westerfeld

“The old bridge stretched massively across the water, its huge iron frame as black as the sky. It had been built so long ago that it held up its own weight, without any support from hoverstruts. A million years from now, when the rest of the city had crumbled, the bridge would probably remain like a fossilized bone. 
Unlike the other bridges into New Pretty Town, the old bridge couldn’t talk – or report trespassers, more importantly. But even silent, the bridge had always seemed very wise to Tally, as quietly knowing as some ancient tree.” 

The first of the uglies series introduce us to Tally Youngblood, Tally is an outgoing, fun loving 15 year old, but the loss of her best friend to New Pretty Town has changed her.
You see Tally is an ugly, uglies are kids who live in Uglyville, going to school and living in dorms, seeing out their teen years until they are old enough, at 16, to be made into a pretty. This is the way of life for everyone, except the rare ones who are born naturally pretty and there are very few of them. Everyone has to be pretty so that they all look the same, so that no one gets treated differently because of the way they look, or at least that’s what the uglies are told. They are ensured that as soon as you become pretty youre live is amazing.
Tally was one of the youngest of the uglies in her dorm, her best friend Peris – 3 months her senior – is enjoying himself in New Pretty Town while she just has to wait, bored and alone. That is until she meets Shay, then life is good again, playing tricks and having a laugh, all they have to do is wait a couple more months and they’ll both be pretty.
Then one day, after a terrible argument Shay drops a bombshell on Tally, she doesn’t want to be pretty and she’s heard about a place they can go to get away from the operation. Tally doesn’t feel the same, wanting it to be her birthday so badly so she can just have what she wants, and Shay leaves. Tally waits patiently for her birthday and it comes around, she’s finally going to be pretty, she’s in the hospital, waiting for her dream to come true. But something goes wrong, Tally doesn’t get to have her operation and she’s forced to make the hardest decision of her life and it’s not easy.
The outcome means that Tally has to experience events, thoughts and feelings that she never thought she would and she soon realises things aren’t exactly what they appear to be. Her life drastically changes and she makes choices based on her new experiences that go against anything she would have done before.
The world that Westerfeld creates is amazing, it reminds me of an Orwell inspired world, where the walls will decorate themselves whatever colour you want them to be and cars and trains drive themselves. It makes me laugh how the characters talk about the “rusties” because, well, I am a rusty! I think my favourite part of the story has to be the descriptions, which is why I picked the above quote and how the new towns contrast so well against the “Rusty Ruins.”
I have been recommending this book to anyone I’ve spoken too, I really do love the world, the characters, the technology!  It inspires me to read more sci-fi type books because if theyre all this good I will love them. I really need to buy the other 3 in the series and read them all soon!
Also, does Maddy remind anyone else of Mrs Wealsey from Harry Potter… there’s just something about her! 

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  • Agrippina

    I didn’t get the Molly Weasley similarity when I read Uglies, but now I’m sure to be looking for it 😉

    I’m glad you enjoyed it so much – it’s interesting reading other people’s opinions on books that I’ve enjoyed, especially as everyone picks up on different things.

    PS: If you’d like to promote your review, please feel free to link to it on my own review, here 🙂

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