Tuesday book survery

OK so it got to hal 9 last night and I didnt have anyhing to post. I usually try and post something none-review on a Tuesday just because I want a bit of variety. I saw this on a blog last week (me, my shelf and I) and thought it looked fun so I thought Id post this instead of trying to write something interesting at an hour when my brain doesn’t work!

Rules of this survey – no two answers can be the same book, all books must be fiction.
Book next to your bed right now: I actually have my pile of “to read next” next to my bed. This is a bit like my TBR pile but its the books on there which I will read next. It includes The Folk Keeper, Lottie Biggs is (not) desperate, Truth and Dare and Inkheart
Favorite series: I have two, obviously without a doubt Harry Potter is there along with Noughts and Crosses. I really need to read Noughts and Crosses again, I loved it! 
Favorite book: A Long Way Down – Nick Hornby I loved this book! It was brilliant and I really recomend it even though its n adult book and I usually read and review YA. My favourite YA is a tough one. I only got back into it last year and I have read so many good ones, I would have said Guitar Girl by Sara Manning this time last year but I think some of the ones I’ve read since blogging have over-taken that so possibly The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson now! 
The one book you would have with you if stranded on a desert island: Thats a tough one. I honestly dont know. Can you merge a load of my faves into one book for me?! 
Book/series you would take with you on a long flight: On a long flight? ooo maybe the Fallen series by Lauren Kate, Its been on my TBR for ages along with Torment and I have been put off cos they look a little long and I’m quite a slow reader! 
Worst book you were made to read in school: oooo I dont remember too much from school. I know I hated mostly everything I was forced to read I think I’m gunna have to say Macbeth though as I was forced to read it EVERY year from 7 onwards! πŸ™ 
Book that everyone should be made to read in school: definitely An Act Of Love by Alan Gibbons. I said it in my review last week that this should be on school syllabus in the UK because its amazing! 
Book that everyone should read, period: Die For Me – Amy Plum. AWESOME book! 
Favorite character: Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter or Daisy from Pretty Things by Sara Manning or Ethan from Beautiful Creatures by Kimi Garcia and Margaret Stohl or Finn and Jessie from Jessie <3’s NYC. I have too many characters that I love!!  
Best villain: erm…. I dont know!!! Are there many Villans in the books I read?! I can think of two (Voldemort and Dolores Umbridge) from Harry Potter but I’ve already mentioned that! Father Breslin from Prisoner of the Inquisition whicih I just read was pretty damn mean.
Favorite invented world: erm… I have no idea! My brain really doesn’t seem to be working!  
Most beautifully written book: oh! I’ve already said The Sky Is Everywhere! booooo! erm… Daughter of the Flame by Zie Marriott. I love Zoe’s writing style! 
Funniest book: oh man. There are too many!! Della Says OMG by Keris Stainton had me in hysterics. As did Lottie Biggs is (not) Mad by Hayley Long! Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins was pretty funny too! 

So there you have it. My dumb-ass answers. No doubt I will look at this later in the week and be like “why didn’t I say that?!” but nevermind! I hope you enjoy and please feel free to take the survey for your own blog! πŸ™‚ 


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