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True Fire – Gary Meehan

“Megan had no trouble slipping away from the mil. Her grandfather was at the kitchen table, doing his accounts by the light of the single candle he permitted himself, while Gwyneth was in the living room, needing no light for what she was doing with Holt.” 

While Megan is out of the house sneaking a meeting with Wade, her village is invaded and her life is turned upside down. Wade is killed in front of her and she sees her grandfather slaughtered; the witches have returned. Taking to the road she wants revenge, she wants to raise an army to fight against the witches, but in a world of deception she is not sure which way she can turn. Every way seems to lead her down a more terrifying path for both her and her unborn baby and if Megan doesn’t act fast and learn who to trust her world may never turn the right way again. 

This book was really surprising. I thought I had read it all when it comes to witches but apparently not. Blending magic, religion and family honour this book really hit the nail on the head as a decent fantasy with great characters and a brilliant sense of humour. 
The story was a little slow to begin with however I like how it slowly emerged me into the setting, there were a few chapters right at the start where I wasn’t sure if we were in the 21st century, before the 1st or somewhere in between… I’m still not sure for certain but it was a more medieval in feel than anything else and the technology of the time is obviously very basic. Once you are emerged in the setting the story builds well and I really liked where it went, the idea of the witches and the thing that is revealed really captured me, but I don’t want to go into it too much for fear of spoilers. 
The one downside in the story was that I felt it all got a little bogged down in the details. Considering its the start of a series I felt it covered a lot more than usual and it was lengthy because of it. The story got a little lost in places and the characters did a lot of running in circles during their time at Eastport especially. 
However saying that the characters are what made me really enjoy the book. Megan, the lead, was strong willed, unafraid of combat and happy to take on anyone despite their size. Her and Eleanor were incredible together and I don’t think there was any real instance where they couldn’t get out of sticky situations themselves – which made a great change to the stories that have strong female character who have to be protected and saved by others. Damon made a fun addition to the team and I loved the repartee between him and Eleanor especially. 
I did enjoy the book and thought the writing was easy to follow and quick to read. I felt a few times that a lot of focus was put onto peoples names and it was easy to get them mixed up but other than that I found that the description did mean I was able to fully immerse myself into the story and the world it was set in. I am looking forward to what happens next in Megan’s story and am hoping that justice is served to those who wronged her in this book. 
True Fire was published on April 24th by Quercus. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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