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True Face – Siobhan Curham

True Face - Siobhan Curham“Don’t show me your tweet-face 

or ur txt spk 

show me your True Face 

and let your heart speak”

This is a guide to learning who you are and loving yourself for it. It is a guide to help unmask the real you. Not the you shown to your facebook friends, or the you put across in class or when you are trying to impress. Its time to show the real you, the one you hide away because you think its boring, or stupid, or some other annoying put down that your inner voice has come up with. Its time you silenced that inner voice and lived the life you want, and True Face is here to help. 


This is a self-help guide for teenage girls and obviously not something I’d usually pick up. However as non-fiction goes I’m fairly limited to a few things I will read and often non-fiction by authors who’s fiction I have read and loved does fall under that category. That is why I wanted to check out True Face and see what this author, who has written about bullying in her novels, can offer to help people of the younger generation become the people they really want to be. I can say that I definitely wasn’t left disappointed by my intrigue and I was moved myself to do more and learn to love myself more.

Thankfully over the last few years I have managed to find myself in a happy place. One of the things this book covers is the ability to stand and look in the mirror and not think about all your ‘flaws’ but think “I love you’ and in all honesty, without trying to sound big-headed, on my good days I can. I have bad days, everyone does, but I have found myself to be in a happy place – especially when it comes to my looks because I’ve decided I am who I am and I don’t want to change for anyone else if I am happy.

However, I can say this all now, as a 26 year old in a long-term relationship about to embark on motherhood. I could not have said the same thing 4 years ago, when I was still trying to be someone I’m not, and I certainly couldn’t have said it 10 years ago when I’m fairly sure I was embarking on nothing more than a drinking habit and quite possibly doing things to my body that I now know was exceptionally bad for me, not to mention dangerous. I wasn’t a happy teenager and I have the scars to prove that, I had my own way of dealing with things and I wish more than anything that this book was around back then because it probably would have helped!

I really would recommend reading this book if you are struggling with the pressures of being a teen, its not judgemental in any way and it picks out some really good topics. I liked that it wasn’t all about boys and that there were different things about feeling good about yourself, through to working out what it is you want from life. Its a great, thoughtful book which will help with a lot you may be worrying about.

True Face was published on April 2nd by Faber and Faber. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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