Trick or Treat – Richie Tankersley Cusick

“‘Okay, how about this? Spirits in torment! Do they really come back to the scenes of their tragedies? Bound there forever, even in death?’ 
Martha stared out at the deepening twilight, the rolling hillsides so unfamiliar, the trees nearly stripped by October winds. In spite of the station wagon’s stuffy interior, she shivered.
‘Dad, do we have to talk about that now?’”
Martha doesn’t like the fact her dad decided to marry Sally, she doesn’t like the fact she now has to live with Sally and her creepy son Conor. But most of all she doesn’t like the fact that to live with them, her father has packed up their stuff and is moving them miles away from home into a house neither of them have seen. As soon as Martha arrives she feels that the house in the middle of the woods is evil, but no-one will believe her. Then the phone calls start – “Trick or treat… You’re dead,” – Martha learns a bit about the houses past and her father and Sally go away on their honeymoon, leaving Martha and Conor alone. 

I loved the Point Horror books as a kid and I knew that Trick or Treat would be one for me. A mixture of growing suspense, a haunted house in the middle of nowhere and the new girl in town aspects had me hooked from the very start. 
Trick or Treat really gets your brain working. You know that somethings going to happen but you need to figure out when, why, what and who is doing it! I had so many suspects and the actions in the book really do keep you on your toes. The characters weren’t very well developed but thats not too much of a problem. I’d say that Conor and Wynn were the most interesting characters with Elizabeth, Dennis and Greg causing me to want to know more about them all the time. 
Trick or Treat had a very ‘Scream’-esque feeling to it and I think anyone who has seen those movies and enjoyed them will enjoy this. I was thrown off by the 3rd person narrative occasionally and thought a 1st person voice could have given the suspense and mystery a bit more depth but I still really enjoyed it. 
Unfortunately my copy was received via NetGalley and the formatting was so bad that words were mixed up in sentences, sentences stopped halfway through and ‘not for distribution’ would spread itself out within a paragraph which got really annoying. This has made it near impossible for me to comment on the writing but I was really impressed by Trick or Treat and would recommend it to older fans of Christopher Priestley, RL Stine or other horror writers. 
Trick or Treat is a Point Horror book first published in 1992. An ebook was published by Open Road Young Readers in October last year and is available from the kindle store. My copy was obtained via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 


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