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Treason (Secrets & Spies #1) – Jo Macauley

“In the eerie half-light before dawn, the ship drifted through the autumn mist like a restless ghost. John and Will caught their first glimpse of it as they rowed their little boat through the vapoury grey swirls. The brooding turrets of the Tower of London rose out of the haze on their left.”

The year is 1664, 60 years since the gunpowder plot was foiled, there has been a return to justice with King Charles II returning to England to rule. Yet not everyone is happy, there are people who need watching on the streets of London and girls like Beth, a 14 year old actress, are perfect to do the watching. No one suspects her of being a brilliant spy and when a ghostly ship drifts onto the Thames and she starts investigating, no one thinks anything of it. Can Beth uncover the ships true journey and save the lives its owners threaten to destroy? 

This was quite a fun historical work of fiction and whilst I enjoyed it a lot, I’m afraid to say I can’t help but feel unsatisfied with it. The story was great, the writing was good but overall it was a little too short for my liking and would have enjoyed more from it. 
The story was interesting but too short. It is the first in a four book series and it honestly could have been the first half of one book. There was a nice rounding off at the end but it still left the story incomplete and a little half told and for such a short book I think there could have been more from it. I did like the adventure that the characters went on and I think that what happened was interesting. If it was a little older in style and a little more complex then I would definitely want to carry on with the rest of the series but as an older reader it was just a little too easy for me and didn’t satisfy me, unfortunately. I think a younger reader or a more reluctant reader may enjoy this more as the adventure will grip them.
When I heard the blurb for Treason I thought it would be brilliant, a female actress turned spy uncovering secrets in the heart of London at a time where there were a lot of political injustices going on. I thought that Beth would be one of those kick ass female YA characters and she would really win me over but to be honest that didn’t happen. The book was written with a more middle grade feel and vocabulary and I felt that things were so laid out there in the open that there was nothing to think about for myself. Beth was ok but not as tough as I imagined her to be, I liked how she stood up for herself at the theatre though. John and Ralph were decent enough but had nothing to really win me over and I just didn’t want them to die. 
This is a short review and to be honest probably doesn’t read like a great one. I wasn’t as impressed with this book as I thought I would be but I think thats because I expected more from it. It would be great for a 9 or 10 year old who wanted an adventure story thats not difficult to follow, especially if their parent/family member who was buying the book wanted them to learn more about the history of our government but it just wasn’t for me. Not a terrible book by any means but I was left a little disappointed. 
Treason was published by Curios Fox on 6 June 2013. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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