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***Torment is the second in the fallen series by Lauren Kate. Whilst I have taken care not to, if you have not read the first, Fallen, then this review may contain spoilers.***

“Daniel stared out at the bay. His eyes were as grey as the thick fog enveloping the Sausalito shoreline, as the choppy water lapping the pebble beach beneath his feet. There was no violet to his eyes now at all; he could feel it. She was too far away.”
Luce and Daniel are forced apart as the danger to Luce is increased. Whisked away to another strange school Luce is angry that Daniel cant stay with her, wontexplain anything to her and she’s having to work it all out for herself. At this new school Luce is faced with more Announcers – the shadows which have been following her all her live – and now she thinks she knows how to handle them she starts searching for clues to her past lives. But as she finds them she becomes more and more convinced that Daniel is hiding something big from her, are they really meant to be together forever? Has he lied about their past? Is Luce in as more danger as he says, considering he wont even tell her what she’s hiding from?

Torment is the second in the Fallen series, the first of which I read way back in February. I was excited to get round to it but other books got in the way and it somehow ended up being three and a half months before I read it. This caused a few problems for me as I couldn’t quite remember what happened and Torment doesn’t take you step by step through it all, but it does give hints and clues so i remembered along the way. 
Now if you read my review of Fallen you may remember that I liked it but couldn’t explain why… well Torment was a bit the same. I liked it more than Fallen because more things were explained and the action was really awesome and some of the characters were amazing. But Torment still had so many unanswered questions and I’m sorry but both Luce and Daniel annoyed me a little. 
Firstly Luce, she was better in this book than she was the first I think. She stood up for herself a bit more and started thinking for herself. However there were far too many times she let herself be told what to do and when she started arguing back she was stopped by Daniel kissing her… not cool. I wanted her to have more of a backbone and think more on her own, which started happening but then she went and ruined it all at the end of the book. I wont go into what happens at the end in detail obviously but Luce seemed to go from a spineless naive girl, to one who thinks more for herself and questions other poeple, to a completely selfish bitch. I cant believe what she did at the end of the book with no thought as to what it would do to the others, and I’m not talking Daniel but her parents, Shelby, Miles and Callie, poor Callie who has no idea what was going on or what she had just seen. I couldn’t do that to my best friend and I cant believe Luce did it. 
Anyway… rant over. Daniel… he was also very annoying, he seemed really chauvinistic and bossy and just annoying. He thought he was protected Luce and couldn’t seem to see that the reason she kept trying to do stuff on her own was because he hadn’t told her everything that was going on. He went crazy about her hair colour like it was something he had a say over and he just bugged me. Right to the end of the book… I’m sorry but its no surprise that Luce started thinking “what if” about their relationship and Miles would have looked hot to me too. 
The other characters though were great. I loved the mystery behind Francesca and Steven. I loved Shelby after a while, she really grew on me and I really loved that Arrianne and some of the others like Gabbe turned up. I even liked Molly in this book! Most of all thought I liked Miles, he was funny and sweet and didn’t come across all macho and stuff except when he was bickering with Daniel. The slight love-triangle think going on between Luce, Daniel and Miles was a bit meh but I could see its benefit to the story. 

I think the most interesting and enjoyable thing about Torment is the answers you get and the glimpse into the lives of the angels. I really liked how the lines are blurred between good and bad, right and wrong and Steven and Francesca’s relationship further intensified that. The Outcasts were also a great addition and I liked the lore behind them too, especially the way Cam described them as being those people who say their going to a party but think they’re too cool to actually turn up etc.. that was really interesting. 
All in all I did enjoy Torment and need to carry on with the series. I honestly think this is my book equivalent of peoples liking of Hollyoaks, I don’t know why I like it as much as I do, but I can’t help it. The beautiful writing and action and romance just sweeps me away even if I don’t always like where it takes me, I can’t help but enjoy it. 
Torment is the second in the Fallen series and was published in August 2010 by Doubleday, a Random House imprint. My copy was won in a giveaway at Feeling Fictional. 
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  • Vivienne

    I can’t help it, but this really isn’t my favourite series. I really didn’t get on with the first book but I did enjoy the second a lot more.

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