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Tonight The Streets Are Ours – Leila Sales

tonight-the-streets-are-ours-leila-sales“Like all stories, the one you are about to read is a love story.

If it wasn’t, what would be the point?”

When Arden stumbles across a blog online she doesn’t realise where it will lead her. Not only will Peter’s Tonight the Streets Are Ours start her questioning love and other worldly emotions and events, but it will start her questioning herself. Peter’s blog speaks to her in a way that she has never experienced before and thats why she finds herself on a road trip to New York City one fateful night.

Once there though she discovers that there is a lot about a person you can’t learn about from reading their words on a screen, and theres a lot about ourself you can’t learn about without really stepping out of your comfort zone.


Leila Sales’ first book, This Song Will Save Your Life was an incredible read for me and one that has stuck with me for a long, long time. I completely understood the main character and loved the entire storyline; so its safe to say I had very high expectations from Tonight the Streets Are Ours….

Unfortunately those expectations weren’t fulfilled and while I enjoyed the story for what it was, there wasn’t much to love. The characters felt flat, boring and to be perfectly honest so pretentious in places that I wanted to slap them stupid. Arden was ‘recklessly loyal’ but that just made her seem like a doormat and as for Peter and Chris… jeez… I think someone should put those two in a room together and see if it explodes from the size of their egos… I bet it does!

I think the only thing I can really shout out about when it comes to this novel is the fact that yes, its a love story, but its not a romantic love story by any means. Its a story about loving yourself and the love that comes with a friendship that you know is perfect. The epilogue was the only relatable thing in the book for me because it points out the fact that real friendship, friends you love and couldn’t do without, does often fizzle out as teenagers grow up, but it actually lasts forever, that rare moment you find to spend time together again.

Also, I guess, that there was a good side in the way that the writing kept me hooked, I can’t read a book with awful characters that bug me if the writing is awful and the plot line sucks but this didn’t. The plot was simple but decent… I wanted to know what happened to Peter’s brother and who Bianca really was and once Arden knew more about that I wanted to know why the things happened that they did and why he wrote about it in the way he did. But I couldn’t give a crap about Peter at all.

I guess this just wasn’t for me but I am hoping it is for other people… maybe if my time wasn’t so limited then I wouldn’t be so harsh on the characters but I just didn’t want to spend any time with them, they were all just so lacking. I won’t be put off the author though because her first book was incredible and I would recommend it to anyone!

Tonight the Streets are Ours was published on 24th September 2015 by MacMillan Children’s Books. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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