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Time Between Us – Tamara Ireland Stone

“October 2011
Even from this distance I can see how young he looks. Younger than the first time I saw him.
He and his friends have been skating around Lafayette Park for the last couple of hours, and now they ‘re sprawled across the grass, downing Gatorades and passing around a bag of Doritos.
‘Excuse me.’
Eight sixteen-year-old heads spin in my direction, looking confused, then curious. 
‘Are you Bennett?’ I ask and wait for him to nod, even though I’m sure it’s him.”

Chicago 1995 – Anna, sixteen, meets the new boy at school, at first things are a little strange but once he saves her from the hands of a robber at her fathers shop, she is desperate to know more about him.

San Francisco 2012 – Bennett, seventeen, has lost someone important to him and need to find them. But home long can he stay away from home. 

Two two are miles apart, not only by distance but time as well. They were never meant to meet. They were never meant to fall in love. But Bennett’s ability to travel through time and space made it possible, and now things are mixed up. They know things cannot last, they know that one day Bennett must return home. They know that one day Bennett will leave Anna forever. 

I’d heard amazing things about Time Between Us, including many people comparing it to The Time Travelers Wife. I was a little skeptical at first, I haven’t read The Time Travelers Wife but I know the premise and I wasn’t sure it would work for a YA market. Obviously I cant compare not having read the adult book but I can tell that Time Between Us is as much of a romantic, beautiful story as that is, with its ups and downs and the constantly questioning of the actions of characters, this book is a must read for any romantic. 
The story was a little slow to start with and it wasn’t really until Bennett save Anna from the robber, like 100 pages in, that I was hooked. Once that happened and Bennett explains things to Anna I couldn’t stop reading, I wanted to know more, to know what it would do to their relationship, Anna’s reaction. I think I barely even stopped for breath whilst reading the rest of the book and finished most of it in one sitting. There are moral dilemmas, lying, bending the truth, past present and future events to take into account and most of all theres the feelings building up in Anna about Bennett. The story is all told from Annas point of view but I love the way Bennett shows her things rather than telling her so we, as readers, get that too. There are little things earlier one which start to make sense later once we know things about Bennett’s gift and that was something I really loved. The book didn’t just flow well, it linked back and forth and everything was connected. There are some mildy confusing bits like when its obvious that Anna is speaking to a different version of Bennet that she knows and stuff like that but you can soon get over them.
The characters were lovely and I loved Anna’s passion. She had a fight – which is what her best friend called it – which really stood out from the page, although she wasn’t a moody character or anything, she just knew what she wanted. I loved how nice her parents were, they were average parents but they trusted her and I think that was important to the way she was. Emma was lovely, protective but at least you could really tell how much she cared for Anna and Anna for her. Justin was interesting and I liked certain things that happened with him, which I cant discuss for fear of spoiling! Bennett was a bit strange but once you get to know him he becomes sweet and caring. I felt really bad for Maggie when it came to him though.
All in all Time Between Us flowed well, used beautiful and very visual language and had me whisked off on an adventure of my own. For the romantics it really is a must read. I loved that Anna had to become her own person towards the end for everything to work out and I love the message that that puts across, girls should do their own thing before it comes to guys and love themselves before a guy will love them and I kinda picked up on that in this story. However if you are a time travel geek and want a more science based book about time travel this book isnt for you, the science of time travel isn’t really explored much and there are a few questions left unanswered which I was a bit upset about. 
Time Between Us was published on October 25th by Doubleday, a Random House Children’s Publisher imprint. My copy was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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