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This Careless Life – Rachel McIntyre

Four best friends with perfect lives. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Who can resist the call of fame and fortune?
Liv, Hetty, Jez and Duffy are auditioning for a new reality TV show. Producer Cassandra has warned them the process might be tough, but they are excited and keen to get on with things, confident that they can handle anything.
But when Cass produces a photo of a body, everyone realises that they may have something to hide after all…


I wasn’t sure about This Careless Life when I started reading. Liv seemed self-absorbed and something felt a little odd. But as soon as Liv’s interview started, I was hooked. Its been a while since I read a book over 200 pages long in just a couple of days, but I did with this one, I was too hooked to stop.

The story follows Liv and her three friends through a series of interviews by a producer Cass. They all think they are squeaky clean but it soon appears they aren’t. They are all hiding something. Liv is massively self-absorbed and she was my least favourite of the characters until very close to the end. I liked Hetty the most, but even then she’s pretty much just all about her boyfriend. None of the characters are particularly likeable in all honesty.

What is likeable is the message from the book. It reiterates the idea that all decisions have consequences and sometimes, you may not realise them. It reiterates the idea that what you deem a tiny problem, can be a catastrophic one for someone else.

There is a bit of a psychological element to the book and I think by the end that’s what I enjoyed the most. I wanted to know more about the character that appears to be spiritual, about the woman in white. But I doubt we ever will. I think that part of the story is for each reader to carry on in their own mind.

I think the fact that the four main characters are spoilt rich kids does detract a little from the idea that what you do has a massive impact on other people. As so many readers might feel alienated from their world. However I really liked the inclusion of Jez’ story because he honesty believed he was squeaky clean. He didn’t have a single bit of remorse about him, which makes him a bit of a prick, but also shows how small minded even the ‘kindest’ of people can be.

I loved this book, and its setting in the rural areas of what I read to be the Month West, but could have been anywhere north in all honesty, and I would recommend picking it up if you are looking for a quick read that will grip you. You honestly get to a certain point and need to carry on reading, which is always the sign of a great writer.

This Careless Life was published in June 2017 by Electric Monkey Books. My copy was sent to me prior to publication in order to review – sorry its taken so long!

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