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There’s a Pig up my Nose- John Dougherty & Laura Hughes

Theres-a-pig-up-my-nose-john-dougherty-laura-hughes-egmontWhat if a PIG got stuck up your NOSE? How ever would you get it out? 

When Natalie has to go to school with a pig stuck up her nose, her whole class gets together to find a way to get the pig out. But how will they do it? 

The zany humour of Sue Hendra (of Supertato and Barry the Fish with Fingers fame) meets Babe the Pig in this funny picture book. This delightfully silly tale, brought to life by warm, comical artwork from rising star Laura Hughes, will have children giggling and oinking out loud to try to work out how to get a farmyard animal out of someone’s nose. The perfect picture book for boys and girls – or for anyone who has ever got something stuck up their nose!
I saw this on a rare yet obviously informative visit to twitter one day and thought it sounded fantastic. I knew I would have to have it as Spike is obsessed with both noses and pigs, so I thought I’d request a copy for review from the lovely people at Egmont. I was trying my luck as its been a while since I’ve been on publishers’ radars but thankfully someone there recognised me, and heard my plea so a copy dropped through my door.
As soon as it did I picked up Spike… who wasn’t best impressed at being moved away from her toys. Placed her on my knee, and started to read. I loved it from the very first page… Spike needed a little bit longer but was soon pointing at all the noses and laughing as I ‘Oink’ed my way through the whole story.
First of all this book is very fun, its nonsensical in the best way possible and its hilariously funny. There is no physical way that a pig the size of this one could fit and hide up a girls nose but its brilliant all the same. The story takes place over one single day when a girl awakes to find she has a pig up her nose. Everyone is at a loss as to what to do until she goes to school and the kids there come up with an idea… I won’t tell you what it is, but its genius and allows for some quality entertainment if you’re one and your mummy is as crazy as I am.
The sketch type illustrations are bright and yet realistic enough that spike could follow them easily and could make out body parts and people as the story went on… since I’ve read it to her a few times now she recognises when the pig comes on the page and which one the main character is so its fun to read it together. I think the story is also good enough for me to read at bedtime and keep me entertained while Spike nods off too, unlike some picture books!
I really do love this book and Im hoping that as Spike grows up it can be one that we enjoy together and she learns to read from. Its fun and exciting and although nonsensical, its still worth a read. It comes highly recommended by both me and the mini-me!
There’s A Pig Up My Nose was published on January 12th by Egmont. My copy was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

To buy the book or for more info please visit:
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