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The Whispering Skull (Lockwood & Co #2) – Jonathan Stroud

“‘Don’t look now,’ Lockwood said. ‘There’s two of them.’ 

I snatched a glance behind me and saw that he was right. Not far off, on the other wise of the glade, a second ghost had risen from the earth. Like the first it was a pale, man-shaped curtain of mist that hovered above the dark wet grass. Its head seemed oddly skewed, as if broken at the neck.” 

When the Lockwood & Co. team find themselves in a sticky situation and Kipps’ Fittes gang save them all Lockwood can do is enter into a deal. The next time they go head to head on a case, the best team wins and the losers humiliate themselves by placing an add in The Times to ensure everyone knows who is best. Little does Lockwood know though that they will be up against each other sooner than they think – and the ghost they are facing may not be as straightforward as either team hoped. 


Having loved the first book in this series I desperately wanted to read the second, then it arrived and the sheer size of it put me off for 6 months or so. I know, I’m pathetic but at the time I was battling severe tiredness in the first trimester of my pregnancy and a 500 page book wasn’t the best help for this! Anyway, as soon as I started my maternity leave I knew I needed a book that would tide me over a couple of days and this was one of the first I picked up!

I’m glad I did and I’m sorry that it put it off so long. Its a hefty book but its worth every page. Action packed and full of creepiness this book is perfect for anyone who wants a story that takes them twisting and turning at speed through an alternative London’s streets. I forgot just how creepy some of the situations the guys find themselves in can be but as I love stuff like that I really enjoyed it.

I loved the relationship between Lockwood, Lucy and George again in this book and how they were with each other. The humour of the first book was there but there was an underlying seriousness which was very much part of the things going on in the book. I saw a couple of things coming because of a shift in certain characters’ behaviours but I think that as the reader you are kinda meant to pick up on them while the other characters are distracted with other things.

Unfortunately I also saw a couple of other things coming which I don’t think were meant to be as obvious and that kinda threw me off the story a little bit but I still loved watching the team work these things out and seeing how they tackled them. I don’t want to give much away so thats all I’ll say on that matter.

Even with this downside I loved The Whispering Skull. The object of the title was a great touch and I really liked finding out more about that. The mystery the team was solving was brilliant too and I loved the rivalry that was there between Lockwood’s team and Kipps’ team again. I liked what the outcome said about the characters involved and I absolutely loved the end of the book, it made me want the third book sat waiting for me! Hopefully I won’t need to wait too long though as I believe The Hollow Boy will be out around September time!

The Whispering Skull was published by Doubleday in hardback on September 28th 2014, the paperback by Corgi Children’s books followed in February 2015. My copy was sent to me from Doubelday in exchange for an honest review.
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