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The Weight of Souls – Bryony Pearce

“Dead men take me to the nicest places. 
I pulled my hood further over my eyes and glowered at the block of flats. Stained net curtains billowed from otherwise bare windows and, on half of the balconies, shirts and greying underwear were hanging out to dry. My bones thrummed with a deep bass that seemed to boom through the tarmac itself; the music actually came through an open window on the ground floor.”

Taylor Oh is cursed. A curse that goes back centuries and has been passed through the generations of her maternal family. She sees murder victims and when they mark her she must avenge them. If she fails the Darkness will come for her. But she hasn’t failed yet.
When Justin Hargreaves, a member of the popular group who make Taylors everyday life a nightmare, is killed Taylor’s life gets even worse. Not only does Justin not believe hes dead but all the fingers point towards his social group and the terrifying fact that all may not be as it seems at Taylor’s school. 

Oh wow, I love ghost stories and The Weight of Souls really has hit the nail on the head when it comes to atmosphere and lifelines. 
The story is amazing, you have the curse and what it is doing to Taylor, you have her dad and his crazy obsession with proving that there is nothing wrong with her, and you have her school which is bad enough before you learn about the V Society. The story lines are flowing full force in this book and they are fantastic to follow. 
The characters are brilliant and I loved nearly all of them. Hannah was quite possibly my favourite because I really understood her, she was what kept Taylor weighted and I felt so sorry for her in some of the book. Justin was a strange character because you are ready to hate him at the beginning of the book yet as soon as he’s dead something changes in him, other than his heartbeat. Tamsin, a few of the other members of V, the school headmaster and Taylor’s dad were quite possibly the worst characters but their presence was so strong that I have to also say they were the best in terms of the way they were written. 
Bryony Pearce has a way of writing that really grabs your attention, she draws out the descriptions in words and I could vividly imagine all the characters and the settings. It helped that the book was set in London as its a place I know a little about and scenes in the tube stations especially were easy to picture. 
I think The Weight of Souls is a brilliant addition to UKYA literature and I am so glad I got to read it, There’s definitely scope for a second book and I really hope it is made, however thats only because I was left begging for more of Bryony’s writing, not because the book ended on a cliffhanger! I really did love this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good ghost or mythological read! 
The Weight of Souls was published on August 1st by Strange Chemistry. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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