The Vampire Hunters – Pete Johnson

I’m Marcus, and if you’re reading this now, then I’m in massive trouble. 
This is a top-secret blog, which if it got into the wrong hands could cause terrible damage. And by the wrong hands, I mean every single human being. Yes, even you.”
After the bombshell landed on Marcus’ 13h birthday that he was a half-vampire everything changed. Marcus went through the first phase of transition from human to half-vampire and things hardly went smoothly. Now he’s over that though most things can go back to normal. Except they can’t. Marcus’ friend Tallulah had to have her memory wiped of an incident involving Marcus and a full blown Vampire, but not everything went away and now she has dreams featuring them both, and is more obsessed with vampires than ever. Setting up an internet page dedicated to the creatures Tallulah is more obsessed than ever and outs herself and Marucs in more danger than she can ever know. 

I really enjoyed The Vampire Blog so I picked this one up very soon after it. In a way I wish I’d left it a little longer because all the references to the first book were too obvious to me, however I think that helped the book become more of a standalone and there wouldn’t be a problem picking it up without having read the first. 
The story was again witty and funny and exciting just like the first book. Marcus made a great narrator again and despite going through what he did in book one and having more thrown at him in The Vampire Hunters, he still kept his head held up and cracked a few jokes. Things really didn’t go well for him in this book and they made for hilarious yet cringeworthy experiences to read about and I think many kids in the age range will relate to Marcus’ story well. I loved that there was more going on than just the vampire hunting bit, with Gracie and Joel and Marcus’ adventures into the dating world. They all helped the book feel real, with just a hint of paranormal. 
The characters really are brilliantly thought through but I must admit Tallulah was a bit of a nightmare in this book. She is very independent and very opinionated and a lot of people could find that annoying. She was hard to get along with but warmed up a bit towards the end… I just think she’s a bit too obsessed with vampires than whats good for her. I really liked Gracie and loved that Marcus was there to help her, I loved the relationship the two of them built up and I really hope Gracie’s in the third book too. I liked the way she was going through what Marcus was but it was different because she was female. It showed that the author had thought through all the different changes of becoming a half vampire and stuff. It was great to read about! 
The twist was a bit too obvious for me but I still enjoyed learning about the vampires and what they were after. It was a bit predictable but it is aimed at a younger audience who may not pick it up as much as I did… But even if they did it was still fun watching it all unfold. It was really intriguing and I think many kids would be hooked on this series of books, I said it for the first but I’ll say it again; The Vampire Hunters can easily be enjoyed by girls and boys alike from any age 9 or up. 
The Vampire Hunters is the second in the The Vampire series by Pete Johnson. It was published in June 2011 by Corgi Yearling, a Random House imprint. My copy was sent in exchange for an honest review. 

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