The Vampire Blog – Pete Johnson

“Saturday 30 September – 7:15pm
Three things you never want to hear your parents say:
‘Let’s talk about the facts of life.’
‘We’re going to start dancing now.’
‘Soon, a white fang will appear in your mouth.’
My parents have just told me the last one. Then they went on to tell me…. Well, you just wait.”
Marcus has just found out he’s a half-vampire, just like his parents – though he only just found out they are too. He doesn’t know how to handle it and like everything else in life he tries to make a joke out of it. Until weird things start happening to him. His breath grows foul he starts craving blood and worst of all Vampires exist – and there’s one after him. Vampires love the taste of half-vampires “in season” which is what Marcus is whilst he’s changing from a human to a half vampire. Can Marcus keep away from the vamp and get over his terror of become half a monster.

The Vampire Blog was a quick and easy read for me, it was funny and so engaging that I couldn’t put it down and I can see why it would be so appealing to fans of its age range.
Its aimed at the 9-12 kind of range so it’s a little younger than my comfort zone but I happen to be a huge fan of books in this age range that are typically aimed at boys – I think this grew from my love of Darren Shan’s Cirque de Freak series and The Vampire Blog was the start of a series just like that – but hilariously funny and not quite as scary!
Marcus’ reaction to being told he was a half vampire was quite possibly the best reaction ever; it was much like I’d expect my stepson – who is 12 so not far from Marcus’ age – to react if Id told him the same. I love that he just assumed his parents were freaks and they were trying to pull his leg. But I also loved his reactions throughout the book and the way his thoughts change on the subject.
Marcus was a great character and did what I think a lot of boys do when they cant handle whats going on – he turned to humour and sarcasm. I loved how real and down to earth his character was but I found him a little infuriating at times – but that’s probably because hes a 13 year old boy! Marcus’ parents were brilliant and I really felt for them – they were trying to help him and he just ept throwing it back in their faces, poor guys! I think it’d be awesome having half-vamp parents! Haha Cousin Karl was awful and I hated his pretentiousness, he was so big-headed and I couldn’t stand him – much like Marcus! Then Marcus’ friends, Joel and Tullulah were awesome, Joel was really funny and Tullulah, although a bit strange at first, turned out to be one of the coolest people ever, even if she was a little weird still.
The one thing that got me a little about this book was the way it was told. It’s all told from Marcus’ perspective as if he’s writing it down after the events occurred but telling us when they occurred. I enjoyed that but also found it off putting when Marcus speaks directly to the reader, calling them “blog” it adds some personality but it put me off a little, I’m far too picky sometimes!
All in all though, this book was really funny, adventurous and a little scary in placesbut Marcus’ attitude lightens the mood. I really cant wait to carry on the series and think that everyone who has children of the age range should read this book, even the girls – there’s nothing wrong with liking vampires and funny stories you know!
The Vampire Blog was published in May 2010 by Corgi Yearling. My copy was sent in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.


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