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The Unicorn Hunter – Che Golden

“As soon as the dart hit the mare’s shoulder, the world solidified around the stallion. The air enveloped the gleaming white beast in a damp cloak and sounds shattered against his ears. He watched as his mate sank to the ground, her nose settling upon her knee. Dark clouds rushed in overhead as birds flew up from the trees. For a fraction of a second the earth shuddered on its axis, throwing wound patterns into chaos and aiming a stream of cold air at one small country in the western hemisphere.”

There’s something amiss in Blarney and once again its to do with the faeries that live in the realm under the town. The adults are too scared to do anything about it but when a unicorn is dying and it threatens the human world just as much as the adult, Maddy is the only one who understands that something has to be done, and it is her who has to do it. Together with her cousins she must venture deep into the dark heart of the faerie world and battle the evil that lurks within… but how can she defeat evil as old as earth itself. 
I really enjoyed the first book of this series, The Feral Child and I knew at the time that I really wanted to read the second. Despite having it on my shelf at the time its still taken me well over a year to finally get round to The Unicorn Hunter and whilst it was good, I was left a little disappointed. 
The story was good but again, like in the first book, I found that it was very slow going and actually, not a lot happens in its 317 pages. There’s a unicorn found injured and its determined that Maddy has to be the one who goes after it but thats about it. I liked the idea of the story, especially how it involved the unicorns who we know can travel in both the fae realm and the real world at the same time, but I didn’t understand all of the stuff about ‘the Hound’ until much later on. Some of the stuff that happened later on seemed really obvious too which bugged me a little. 
The characters were really well developed again and I liked a lot of them. I enjoyed the female characters a lot more than the male as they all generally seemed very set in their ways, especially when it came to their attitude towards women and girls, whereas the female characters seemed very strong and determined. I think the author really does female characters well but her male ones  need a little bit of work as Danny was really the only likeable one, I guess Granda was too and maybe it was his age that made him act the way he did but he kinda bugged me a little too. 
I did have to keep reminding myself that Maddy and Roisin were only 10 and I’m not sure how old Danny is but he isn’t much older (I’m guessing at 12 because I know he’s in secondary school) as they really do come across as much older. Maddy especially as she already has a teenager attitude when it comes to playing by the rules and speaking out of turn. 
I still enjoyed being in the literally world that Che Golden has created and I think her writing is brilliant. A younger teen will love this story for its level of excitement and danger yet there’s nothing too bad in it for them. It is a glimpse into the scarier world thats out there and I really love the way Che Golden’s Fae are the evil Fae we expect them to be. Even though I had a couple of qualms about this book I would still recommend it to any fantasy lover of around 12-14. 
The Unicorn Hunter was published in January 2013 by Quercus Kids Books. My copy was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. 

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