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The Terrible Tales of the Teenytinysaurs – Gary Northfield

Every wondered if you could fly to the moon in a wedge of snot? How triceratops grow back their horns or if the Bogey Monster really exists? The Teenytinysaurs are here to help you answer those questions and more in epic graphic novel form. Join Dave, Natasha, Reggie, Ronnie and Thomas as they explore stinky innards, steaming volcanoes and the star-spangled outer space. 


Oh wow, I had soooo much fun reading this graphic novel. I didn’t want to stop reading as it meant I had to leave the dinosaur gang behind and that nearly broke my heart.

The book is a collection of a set of comics which follow the teenytinysaurs as they learn about visiting the moon, the bogey monster and what to do if you snap your horn off. Its fun and its exciting and there are even activities for younger readers to join in with such as board games and puzzles.

Obviously Teenytinysaurs is a lot younger than my normal reading age, it was described in the Walker catalogue as being for 7+ but I have seen other places offer it as 5+. To be honest I think this book will provide fun for all the family and even a teenager would (secretly) enjoy it. There’s a lot of funny bits in it and sometimes its because you just can’t believe that the gang believe what they are saying they do!

I think my favourite of the comics had to be The Cloud Whisperer because it was so funny and I loved the idea of a cloud following someone. I also enjoyed The Journey to the Centre of my Brother story, especially the double page innards and the terrible but fantastic pun that closed that story off. The art really added to the impact of the stories being told and I absolutely loved Gary’s style, it was fun and cartoony but not too much so that the dinosaurs looked totally different to their ‘real’ counterparts. There were some kind of Where’s Wally type pages too which made the book even more fun too.

My only concern for the book was that it really did conform to gender stereotypes. There was only one female dinosaur, Natasha, and she was pink and came across as very girly. The boys picked on her, they didn’t let her join in with football and most of the time she didn’t want to do things that were icky, she also said ‘Ew’ a lot. I didn’t really like it and thought the book would have benefited by another female dinosaur in addition to Natasha who wasn’t as girly to balance it out a little more.

I really did love The Terrible Tales of the Teenytinysaurs though and will definitely be shouting out about it. My nephew is five this month and shares my love for dinosaurs… so I reckon his pressie is sorted already!

The Terrible Tales of The Teenytinysaurs was published on May 2nd by Walker Children’s Books. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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