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The Spook’s Secret – Joseph Delaney

“It was a cold, dark November night and Alice and I were sitting by the kitchen fire with my master, the Spook. The weather had been getting steadily colder and I knew that any day now the Spook would decide it was time to set off for his ‘winter house’ on the bleak moor of Anglezarke.”

As Tom and his master make their way to the Spook’s winter house, Tom can tell that the winter is going to be a long and hard one. Once there he realises it would be worse than anticipated. Alice is exiled to a family who aren’t pleased to have her and the Spook’s involved in something Tom can’t understand. When a Stranger, who appears to have a history with the Spook turns up and starts feeding Tom secrets about the Spook, it would appear that they are in more danger than Tom feared. The past is catching up to his master and Tom knows he has to help sort it out, even if his master is reluctant to give away all hi secrets. 

This is the third book in the Wardstone Chronicles series and I can honestly say that its not going to start boring me any time soon. With new battles to carry out and secrets uncovered The Spook’s Secret was just as addictive to the other two of the series I’ve read so far. 
The story changed setting for the third book and I really liked that. So far we’ve had the Spooks summer house and Priestown, now with the Spook’s Winter house we get a new setting which is ten times creepier than the others and comes with new characters. The story itself was a little more laid back than the other two and it didn’t get my heart racing as much. The main element of the story revolved around this scary Old God, the Golgoth, a bit like The Bane of the second book, but I didn’t think he was as fully developed, especially because he couldn’t exist without the help of one of the characters so it was mainly about that character and the threat he posed. I did really enjoy it still though and I found there there was a fair bit of character development when it came to Tom, his family and the Spook in this book. 
I think that the characters all really came out of their shells with this book, we find out a lot more about the Spook which was helpful to my reading. I learned a lot about his relationships and how they have made him the person who is Tom’s master and because its Tom telling the reader everything I got the feeling that Tom learned a lot about his master too. Meg was an interesting character, as was her sister, and I liked where their part of the story took them. Alice is still a bit of a strange character in that I am unsure whether she can be trusted or not but I think she can be. Tom and his family were as brilliant as always and their involvement of the book made me well up in places. I absolutely adore Tom’s Mam and I really hope she’s in the future books. 
The Spook’s Secret probably wasn’t my favourite of the series so far but I did enjoy it. There are some things I hope change in the next couple of books but I am liking the way the story of Toms apprenticeship is being told. 

The Spook’s Secret is the third in the Wardstone Chronicles series and was published in 2007 by Red Fox, a Random House Imprint. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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