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The Saddest Kitten – Holly Webb

Isla loves hanging out at her best friend Hailey’s house, especially since Hailey has just gotten a beautiful kitten named Silky! But someone isn’t too thrilled with the new arrival — the family’s older cat, Pickle. A heartwarming chapter book from the Pet Rescue Adventures series featuring black and white illustrations throughout.

When Hailey’s family goes away for the night, Isla offers to “cat-sit”. But to Isla’s surprise, Hailey’s new kitten, Silky, is clearly terrified of Pickle, Hailey’s older cat. How can Isla break the news to Hailey that her new kitten is so unhappy?

Me and Spike were hoping to read this one together but its taking a little longer than expected so I’ve read on without her for the purpose of this review.

The Saddest Kitten is the sweetest story of a girl and her best friend’s kitten. Silky is adorable and all the illustrations of her made me want a cat myself. Even Spike asked while we were reading the first couple of chapters if we could have our own cat.

The book is well written and the story is just the kind of thing I loved when I was 7 or 8. Spike is still a little young, just turned 5, so I am reading it to her in little sections at bedtime. I’ve managed to get her to read a little bit of it on her own but its a bit text heavy for her just now. She’s a confident reader but with a lot of writing on each page, she gets worried about how much there is to read.

The story of The Saddest Kitten is so sweet. I can image a few children will relate as they might have had animal rescues that didn’t go to plan or adopted animals in their family.

The main thing that I really liked about The Saddest Kitten was that the main character, Isla, was only born with one arm, but this wasn’t an aspect of the book that was really focused on. It was just fact. The way that its just fact that we have people in our lives who are wheelchair users or have other disabilities. I think it helps children understand more about differences in people when they just noticed them and The Saddest Kitten does it well.

The Saddest Kitten was published on 9th July by Little Tiger Books. My copy was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

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