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The Prince of Pants – Andy MacDonald & Sarah McIntyre

Prince-pf-pants-alan-macdonald-sarah-mcintyre-lost-pants-readaraptor“Prince Pip jumped out of bed. Today was his birthday! 

‘Now which pants should I wear?’ He thought. 

Prince Pip had pants of all kinds – purple, gold. 

Starry, dotty, zebra stripes and leopard spotty.”

It’s Prince Pip’s birthday, and he can’t wait to choose a pair of pants to wear on his special day. But when he goes to his pants drawer, it’s empty! Where have all his pants gone? Could it be that the palace has planned a very special, pants-tastic surprise party?


As a big fan of Sarah McIntyre’s work from what I’ve read before, I was excited to learn that this book was up for the Lollies 2017 award in the Picture Book category. I was even more excited when all the shortlisted book landed on my doorstep a few weeks ago and I read it.

This is funny and witty and makes you want to turn each page fast. The illustrations are bright and colourful and what’s more, there are pants everywhere!

Spike loved pointing out all the different types of pants and thought it was funny just from the pictures, and she doesn’t even really know what pants are yet!


I thought it was funny cos of the story, as I could tell there was something going on right from the start. We loved spotting the pants on people and hiding amongst the page as Prince Pip went in search of his pants, and I loved the jokey bits of the story where it said he looked under his nose, into the fountain, but still couldn’t find them!

This book was fun and bright and joyous to read. The Glow in the Dark pants at the end were awesome and I can imagine older kids would love that touch. Spike is still a little young but I loved that touch!

Prince of Pants was published in October 2016 by Scholastic Books. My copy was sent to me from the publisher.

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