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“My name is Marina, as of the sea, but I wasn’t called that until much later. In the beginning I was known merely as Seven, one of the nine surviving Garde from the planet Lorien, the fate of which was, and still is, left in our hands.”
Marina has been hiding in an orphanage in Spain for many years since landing on Earth. Her and her Cepan were taken in when no-one else would help. Her Cepan has found God and seems to have forgotten when they are on Earth. Marina knows that soon she has to make a choice, stay with her Cepan, or go without her. First though, she must find her Chest and find out what she can about the others. 

John, Sam and Six are still on the run, driving across America, hiding from everyone as the news keeps flashing John and Sams faces up on the screen. They are terrorists according to the US government. And they are in trouble. 

The Mogadorians are closing in, they are sure to find John, Sam and Six… and though Marina doesn’t know it, they are already watching her.

The Power of Six was quite possibly even better than I Am Number Four. I was a bit concerned about how the story would carry on, knowing that this book as about Number Seven I didn’t want John and Six to be forgotten about so I loved the split perspective of the book. I loved the way the story for them carried on but also included Marinas and I loved the progress of it all! 
The plot was great. The suspense was full and I was at edge all the way through the book. I loved the atmosphere when you were following John and the others and I think it didn’t well to include that so the quieter introduction of Marina wasn’t too slow. I really loved Marina and I felt so sorry for her. At least the others had their Cepans helping them until they died but Marinas, Adelina, seems to have forgotten all about Lorien and just wants to hide out in the convent. I wanted to shake Adelina and tell her what a fool she was, how couldn’t she see that Marina needed her and they were important to Lorien. Though I did feel really bad when she started to come round. I loved the introduction of further numbers too and though I wont say much as I don’t want to spoil this for anyone who’s reading this review; I loved the ending of The Power Of Six. 
Marina was a really interesting character. She was very independent and very strong willed. I felt so sorry for her having to find her own way dealing with the stress of the convent/orphanage and the total ignorance of her Cepan. It must have been even harder for her than it was for Six. I loved the way Six became more of a main character too and how we found out more about her. I love Six’s character so much and if I needed any of these guys on my side I’d want it to be her! Sam is still such a sweet character but I worry about him being a human in an aliens world. I love how strong and brave he is. John was a bit of a prick in this book to be honest. His hearts in the right place and you can tell Henri’s death hit him hard but I honestly wanted to shake him a fair few times. Other smaller characters were brilliant and although I wasn’t sure I wanted to trust her at first I loved Ella, she was so lovely and a friend to Marina when she needed it! I wanted her to be a good guy but I wasn’t sure how genuine she was…  Hector also needs a mention as he was such an amazing guy. I loved him and wanted him to be safe. I wanted him to help Marina and I loved their relationship. I wasn’t sure of how much use he would be, being a drunk but I honestly think he wanted to make himself better. 
The Power of Six had all the fast paced amazing-ness of I Am Number Four but way more character and plot development. You find out even more about Lorien and the Mogadorians and I loved every second. I do think some of the time the writing gets a little confusing so thats why this is only a four for me. It grips your attention but for me there is way too much story covered in this book and it doesn’t allow you a lot of time to take it all in. Saying that; I am obsessed with the universe created in this series and I CANNOT wait for The Rise of Nine. 
The Power of Six is the second in the Lorien Legacies. It was published on April 12th by Penguin in the UK. My copy was sent in exchange for an honest review from the publishers. 


  • Liz. R

    I still haven’t read I Am Number Four (even though I’ve seen the film, which I know is such a terrible thing to do :P) but I definitely want to start the series soon! Especially since it seems to be getting better. Great review, thanks! 🙂

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