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***Please Note that this is the third book in a series and may contain spoilers for the previous two***

“6A. Seriously? I look at the boarding pass in my hand, its large type announcing my seat assignment, and wonder if Crayton chose this seat on purpose. It could be a coincidence but the way things have gone recently, I am not a big believer in coincidence. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marina sat down behind me in row seven, and Ella made her way back to row ten. But, no, the girls drop down beside me without saying a word, and join me in studying each person boarding the plane. Being hunted, you are constantly on guard.”

Of the Lorien children who made their way to earth the numbers a going down. Their Cepans quickly diminishing and its up to the teens to find their enemy themselves. Scattered across the world they are no good to each other, but more and more of them are joining forces. Six finds Marina and Ella, with her Cepan, one of the only ones left, in Spain and they make their way to India chasing reports of a god in the mountains who seems too good to be true. Four finds Nine in a Mogodorian facility that he has just blown out of and now they’re on the run. As for Five, no one knows, but Four and Nine are on the case, determined to get everyone together and fight Setrakus Ra together. But fighting the most powerful Mogodorian isn’t easy, will they all live to tell the tale? 
Ok let me get this out the way first… I LOVE THIS SERIES! Phew, now thats out of my system, I will get back to not shouting. The Power of Nine is the third book in the Lorien series and I love it. I wasn’t even going to read the series until I watched the movie that is based on the first book and then I was hooked. I had thought The Rise of Nine was the final book but apparently its not, there’s more, thankfully! 
The story starts literally hours after The Power of Six’ end. I had left a gap (mainly because The Rise of Nine wasn’t out yet) between reading them but was pleasantly surprised how much I was reminded of, but subtly… so if I was reading them together it probably wouldn’t have been an issue. Four has just escaped the crazy Mogodorians with Nine but they, or the government who are now working with the Mogs have Sarah and Sam. Six and the others are out route to India, where they find the show-off Eight. There are more and more of the Lorien’s coming out and more and more of them have lost their Cepans. Its clear that they will be soon ready to fight with more of their Legacies coming out and getting stronger and thats what makes The Rise of Nine so much fun to read… All of them are in so much danger but I loved learning about the new things they can do, the new members of the Guarde that they are meeting and the action that’s packed in on the way. 
The characters are just as good, if not better than the last couple of books, Nine and Eight are both so funny but kinda annoying and showing off all over the place. Nine has a lot of pent up aggression, which is kinda justified but he’s also a ladies man which amused me so much. Ella and Marina are really awesome too, we got a bit of them in The Power of Six but I liked how much more we found out about them in this book. Ella was particularly interesting because her legacies hadn’t really come about yet and she was so young and it was great getting to watch her find out more, her elation at developing one of her legacies made me smile so much and I loved her to pieces, for a twelve year old she’s really got her head screwed on right too! Six and Four are pretty much the same but stronger and angrier. They are both sick of being chased and they both want to find Sam and Sarah too, they make a great team though and I was a bit upset that we don’t get to see them alongside each other much in this book. Not half as upset as the lack of Sam though, I missed him! Setrakus Ra and the government agents we meet are baddasses and I honestly hated Setrakus… He was a coward and a pain and I have a theory about him that I am really hoping isn’t right! 
The writing was again really easy to read and flowed so well. There was a change in perspective from Four to Six to Seven which worked really well and the font change made it quite clear that the perspective had changed between the chapters. I sometimes got a little mixed up between Six and Marina’s perspectives, but other than that I enjoyed seeing how the different events effected the three different characters so much. 
I am more than annoyed that the end wasn’t the series end, but only because I was expecting it to be so I got there thinking ‘huh?!’ but if you weren’t expecting the series end it was brilliant, thats all I’ll say about that. If you want a fast, action packed, funny story about aliens and their time on our planet, The Lorien Series is definitely for you. Its a brilliant mix of adventure, love, friendship and growing up and it really is a must read. 
The Rise of Nine was published on August 30th by Penguin and is the third in the Lorien Legacies, my review of the first two books can be found here and here. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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